Join Terry as she interviews three women who have a very unique perspective on the election results. First up is KaLeigh Long, CEO of End Game and VP of C3 Super PAC. She’s giving the inside story and first hand account of how police—clearly Democrats— in Missouri were rounding up her African American Republican canvassing team and harassing them as they knocked on doors in a minority community! You’ll hear from Leslie Blackwell, a reformed radical feminist, who shares her thoughts on the “women’s vote.” Last, but certainly not least is Puerto Rican Tricia Powell who exposes the root of the problem America faces today. You won’t hear this news anywhere else!

KaLeigh Long is a fundraiser, lobbyist, CEO of End Game Consulting, a political consulting company, in which she has a record of wins in tight races. Leslie Blackwell is a reformed radical feminist with a long career in communications. She’s now a woman on a mission: to speak the truth with love winning hearts and minds to embrace a culture of life. Tricia Powell, known as the SassyPRGirl, was born in Puerto Rico and brings an interesting perspective to any political conversation. Teaching worldview online to homeschool students for Apologia, Tricia nips a Marxist lie in less than five seconds.

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