Earlier this week in California, Gustavo Garcia robbed a convenience store, shooting and killing one person, stole a truck, shot at buildings, drove the wrong way at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, and crashed into 4 vehicles. During the crime spree which started in Fresno, Garcia left 5 innocent citizens injured, one critically, and possibly another murder victim. The 36 year old illegal immigrant died in the car crash.

Days before this a detainer was placed on him by ICE after he was arrested on a charge of being under the influence of a controlled substance. The Sheriff of Tulare County, Mike Boudreaux, expressed frustration that Garcia could not be held for ICE due to the Sanctuary City policy and SB-54. In years past, a detainer would be put on Garcia and he would have been turned over to ICE officials. Law enforcement no longer has that power.

SB-54 was a party line vote by Democrats in California. Their thinking is that immigrants would feel safer going to police to report crimes or offer information if they were not at risk of detention. This is naïve and uninformed in my opinion. 

Democratic lawmakers continue to misunderstand the issue and put the innocent public at risk, both legal and illegal persons.

Garcia had been deported twice before and had served 27 months in a federal prison for re-entering the country before that 2nd removal. He had a lengthy criminal record.

In Lawrence Massachusetts, where they have a huge and growing drug problem, Mayor Dan Rivera defends the sanctuary policy, while criminals choose his city to bring in opioids and fentanyl with the knowledge that they will not be subject to ICE holds. Due to policies like the sanctuary city policy, drug cartels use these cities as gateways for distributing drugs. Approximately 80% of the illegal opioids sold in this country are brought in by foreign organizations, primarily the Mexican drug cartels. According to ICE, the link between sanctuary cities and the opioid crisis is extensive.

The Massachusetts sanctuary policy allows dangerous criminals to re-enter society as ICE is not notified of pending releases from state custody.

Besides illegal aliens in all areas of the United States being criminals just by virtue of being here illegally, the amount of violent crimes, drug crimes, sex crimes committed by these illegal aliens are not something Americans should ever be subjected to, much less have these criminals , when caught, be released to shatter people’s lives again and again.

The argument that all illegal immigrants are not criminals is totally irrelevant to every person affected by Mr Garcia’s crime spree. From those killed to those injured, to their families, and their employers and the insurance companies who have to pay for all the damage, and the forthcoming lawsuits, and the officers who had to deal with all of this, how do Democrats justify this? They cannot.

For the people whose lives are irreparably harmed by drugs, and their relatives, and the people they victimize to buy the drugs, and the medical community who takes care of them, and the loss created by them in society, how do the Democrats justify releasing those that are poisoning Americans? They cannot.

No matter what spin you choose to put on the justification for Sanctuary ANYTHING, there is none. I am not sure if legislators are kidding themselves or just trying to fool the American public. But make no mistake, they are killing us with their irresponsible, reckless laws. Ask any Angel parent. Ask any parent or spouse or friend of someone addicted to opioids, or who died from fentanyl, or heroin.

Illegals have no right to be here, none. No lipstick you put on that pig will make it so. You are killing, maiming, addicting, terrorizing Americans with Sanctuary laws, and it is wrong. Ask any law enforcement officer who is not a political pawn. Those Americans who think they are doing a good thing are so naively misled by politicians and media. You are not being kind, you are being foolhardy, dangerously so.

When criminal immigrants are arrested, cities and states need to cooperate with federal authorities to allow them to be picked up and deported. Americans deserve nothing less. Our rights must take priority in our country. It is the job of government to protect Americans, first and foremost. The audacity of Governors and Mayors and other legislators to favor those here illegally over the safety of American citizens is absurd, and dangerous. We must speak out against Sanctuary cities and states. It is a slap in the face to all Americans, and we are acting as though we like to be slapped. Wake up America, and protect Americans.

If you like your illegal aliens in your city, great, but for all of our safety, when they commit a crime they must go and not be released to hurt or kill someone else. Use your own common sense and not the garbage being fed to you by politicians looking for votes. They are killing us and we must fight back.