Russia on my mind – Putin Threats – “Russia remained a nuclear power but no one wanted to listen to us,” said Putin. “Listen to us now.” The newly developed hypersonic missile unveiled by the Russian leader in his state of the nation address in Moscow received worldwide attention. Is this an actual leap in technology that presents a new threat – or more bluster from Putin? Did this come as a surprise to the Pentagon, as the dictator claims or did they know? A top-tier panel of expertise with Colonel Jim Waurishuk, Dennis Santiago and Jim McCay will enlighten you with some truths!

Government Corruption Needs Cleanup – To simplify what is at the core of the Russia, FISA abuse, special counsel — an incumbent Democratic administration used its foreign-intelligence-collection ability and authority to monitor a Republican presidential campaign, along with the use of this made-up “opposition research” from the Democratic presidential campaign all with the idea to secure victory for their candidate and to insure defeat for the opposing candidate. What is wrong with that picture? Ava Armstrong and Dennis Santiago will provide some analysis complete with mops and buckets!

PC Culture of Broward Massacre – What’s really going on in our schools? The “Promise Program”, Federal Grant Money to expunge records of delinquent students, Indoctrination not Education. How does this play into these school shootings? Is the Florida shooting a result of the political and social influences of Federal Gov’t incentives to improve the image of school districts on paper? Did schools and police department collude to “improve records” showing fewer cases of illegal and violent behavior to indicate improved performance in behavior to standards. No record, no conviction, no sentencing, and no restitution by student. All for Federal Program dollars. Students were referred to counseling instead of suspension, then returned to classes. Lt Joseph Pangaro is here to explain the program and the fallout.


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