This K-9 called Mouse, changed his life for the better. Mouse gave Rodrigo the coping skills and security he needed to move forward from a war that left him with Night Terrors, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Physical Disabilities and a host of symptomology that is yet to be understood or labeled.

“My position in the Army was a job where I was opening body bags from the WAR with human parts in them. These human parts had to be matched to each soldier, just like a jigsaw puzzle. My human self began to question God… Why place me in this position of service to my country? In search of answers, I prayed over every body-bag I opened and every human part I touched. I later asked myself how will I behave after military debriefing when I leave the service? Who will I be I when I get back home?” Rodrigo Godoy

Rodrigo Godoy says that God answered his prayers again and again. He received a service dog called “Mouse”. Mouse was a boxer, a four-legged miracle, from Halley’s K-9 for Vets. Mouse gave Rodrigo the coping skills and security he needed to move forward from a war that left him a train wreck. Through it all his Faith in God continued to carry his spirit through the world with the support of others who may not have understood his unseen physical and mental scars. Somehow it will all be okay….

MESSAGE FROM RODRIGO GODOY: The Lord has been so great with me even in my darkest hours. My desire is to serve and minister to all who have physical, mental disabilities and unseen emotional scars. Yet find it is impossible to leave their home, bed or hospital, but have access to a computer or smart phone. I too found myself in that exact position due to spinal column and spinal cord surgery in 2017. I want to give back a service of excellence, bringing God’s word to where it is needed. I pray for all our military members and veterans to remember to count your blessings and fight for the blessing, today.

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