Rioters Humbled

Richard, Al and Michael waste no time and jump right into the stories. The guys watch a video of a shooting in Washington County, OR, and the shooting reminds them if a scene from predator. Richard then makes fun of Jesse Ventura. The boys then discuss the riots in Anaheim and what the riots stemmed from.

The guys talk about the ACLU and their ridiculous request for officers to stop wearing riot gear to riots. There is a woman who does cartwheels during her field sobriety tests and yes, you guessed it, she got locked up. The guys watch a video of protesters getting pepper sprayed. Al gives everyone an update on his father in law and his developing dementia. Richard reads a story about a man attacking his boss with a chainsaw and the guys make another movie reference, this time to American Psycho.

The infamous anti police painting again rears it’s head in the U.S. Capital. Richard reads a story about an armed robbery which was derailed by a legal gun owner. The guys talk about how Ducktales, aired in Soviet Union, worked as a better curfew than the curfew itself. Then they wrap up the show by watching another rioter get humbled by the police.

Richard Tracy, host of the new podcast Criminal Masterminds, is a new breed of talk radio and podcasting. Think of Tracy as a Super Hero, only this one does not come with a fancy cape or gadgets. He does not combat villains nor does he jump out of burning and crashing airplanes with out a parachute. What Tracy does and will combat is the anti police rhetoric which has been plaguing the nation along with the political correctness which has prevent people from having the true "honest and open dialogue" on the current issues regarding policing in the Great U.S. of A. He also may make you chuckle like a school kid in the process.