Do not be deceived. Nothing is as it seems and most Americans have little understanding of the growing nature of evil which surrounds us. Fight the good fight!

Exciting to be living through this period of time as many American Patriots and our 45th President of the United States are calling this the 2nd Revolutionary War!

We are fighting back against the transgressions of our National Security and Constitutional Crisis battling the descention in the ranks of the treasonous within.

Before the November 2016 Presidential Elections, and the emergence of Donald J Trump, there was a bleak outlook among the American people.

A hopelessness and discontent building among the majority of the common man and his or her families. Americans grew weary of the empty promises by the above the law federal servants who used and abused the most powerful political platforms for their own private endowment plans. Spewing the lying narrative there is no there there while they were embedded with our enemies against us.

We were deceived by the elite politicians who’s secret agenda’s were forming back door deals with foreign nationals, D.C. lobbyists and criminals alike, vampiring the life out of our hard earned dollars for their black op missions, while dancing on the graves of our fallen American heroes and castrating the honor of our Veterans.

Americans have witnessed the past three administrations blatantly disregard our Constitutional rights with emphasis on the past eight years.


We witnessed the erosion of our political-economical consciousness and human spirit, by the defiant acts of liberalism and federal encroachments of big government, denying us the sacred passage in which our country was founded upon.

Today as no other time in history, the Republic, our heritage, liberty of the American people and Christianity are transforming over a recent bottomless pit and it is only since January 2017 through the election of the Donald J Trump with over 63% of votes that we conquered a major demon that today stares us in the face as daily truthers are pushing to the surface through the suppressed fake news media outlets who also took part in the tyranny behind the scenes, keeping the voices of the American people shunned from existence.

Our new President although hated by the corrupt elite, despise him as he is purging them from every life force they burroughed their tentacles into, and he is holding them accountable by acts he is implementing through new executive orders.

There is a new Sheriff in town, and at this very moment in time, as the days and weeks progress, Americans will witness the arrests of those who tried to condemn us as they will be brought to justice. It’s been a long and weary journey and we are not out of the woods just yet.

In that time we witnessed the rise of Socialism which ultimately evolves to Communism is openly condoned by government.

The American experience was no longer rooted in “WE THE PEOPLE”, self government, but rather rife with corruption and a looming police state which in itself is a national self-destruct mechanism. The American people were the target of a coup from our own government of every agency as the internal enemies were monitoring and scrutinizing our every move while illegal aliens defaced and disgraced our nation by the millions.

Christian faith, once the essence of our founding principles was scorned. God has become a second class citizen in America. How could this have become a reality seemingly overnight? The indoctrination process of our young minds is now left teetering on the brink of destruction as they were ambushed by radical professors and teachers of schools and universities.

Through incrementalism and covert means, “global elite” have evolved a “New World Order” in collusion with the “deep state”, consisting of the highest compartmentalized intelligence agencies plotting a coup against our 45th President of the United States and the American people.

Aiding and abetting them are the global central banks, major corporations who have weaponized every facet of the American lifestyle including the very food we eat, water we drink, air we breathe. Not to leave out the remnants of the United Nations from which we have rescued ourselves from their shadows and concepts of free trade used as a facade to undermine our national sovereignty of many nations with their global bilateral, trilateral and multilateral treaty’s.

The world as we have known is becoming a centrally controlled prison planet. For the first time in history an age old concept of one world government unfolds at light speed, yet the average American seems oblivious of history or prophecy, lulled by a controlled media and government agenda.

Through noted experts on central banks such as the Federal Reserve, geo-political overview, corporate power structure, our military, the evolving police state and a government controlled church, REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government utilizes high production value, historical reenactment and the American spirit of country music legend Charlie Daniels and other famous cast, to illustrate the ominous changes taking place within our country.

February 19th, 2018, we are in the midst of a marketing perfect storm. The majority of Americans are seeking Justice, as they have witnessed the crimes against the American people and our country by those who thought they were above the law at the deepest levels of the peoples government.

These issues are complex and have grown like a cancer through their inception, and are not Democrat vs Republican paradigm, yet one of morality and the codes of which our country regulates it’s people through the Rule of Law. which was hijacked under the Obama Justice department.

Revelations offers a window into the world of global government power brokers and hope to create impetus in a journey of discovery for those who are yet to have, “ears to hear and eyes to see”. Saving the Republic for posterity requires the workings of Providence and the alerting of a thousand Paul Reveres.


Let me introduce the Directors and Producers of REVELATIONS…Dawn of Global Government.

Director Chuck Untersee, A film director/cameraman with over thirty five years experience in the film business, working with such clients as Disney, Ford, American Airlines, Apple, Chevrolet, U.S. Army, Benjamin Moore, KIA, Mutual of Omaha, Honey Baked Ham, Meineke Muffler, Time Life, Mexican Tourism and Aloha Airlines, while based in Los Angeles.
Mr.Chuck Untersee deals with this vitally intense story astutely and with a great sense of aesthetics through the use of historical reenactment and poignant moments of those so passionate about the issues which threaten our Republic and as some have described it…“the film is brilliantly edited”.

A retired Army Officer and sixth generation Texan now living on a ranch in The Texas Hill Country, he felt moved to participate in the patriot fight against a sinister globalist take over of the Republic. “You do what you know…I know film and this is how I best felt I could contribute”. A time will come when we all must answer for how we fought the good fight…“Ours is a defining moment in human history”. The founders offered “their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor”. It seems little to ask that we too should sacrifice as they.

His wife, Mrs Anita Untersee, a producer of many years in Los Angeles, along with her husband of thirty six years felt moved to make a difference as, “the issues of world government are so critical to our children and grandchildren”.

She further elaborates that the movie, “REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government, is a cause not a film.”

“I felt we had no alternative other than to embark on this journey of nearly five years”. Those who know must stand as “watchmen on the wall”. for the many who do not.”
“The essence of our faith, life as we know it in America and the world are at stake in this fight against monolithic darkness. As Christians, we know how this story ends, however, I quote Psalm 94:16…“Who will rise up for me against the evildoer, who will stand up for me against the workers of iniquity”

“Oh ye that love mankind! Ye that dare oppose not only tyranny, but the tyrant…stand forth”. ~Thomas Paine


REVELATION, Dawn of Global Government, is a unique film with a cast of country music legend Charlie Daniels, Lt Gen William Boykin (U.S.Army Ret) Mark Collins as Gen George Washington, Dr Jerome Corsi, Ted Nugent, Cliven Bundy, Ted Nugent, Alex Jones, and many other Patriots and Professionals.

The title reflects a Biblical world view so well illustrated in Revelation by the four horsemen of the apocalypse. The American Republic, Christian faith and liberty are rapidly being destroyed by the Trojan Horse of globalism. As we have slept, “change has come to America”…awakened late, we will find ourselves enveloped…suffocated, in a global prison planet.

What is unique about this film? Never…ever…has there been a theatrically released faith based, Constitutionally conservative, uncensored documentary which sheds light on the darkness of “The New World Order”. It is a high tech Paul Revere! The cherished Americana experience of a high profile big screen film with media “buzz” due to massive promotion creates focus. There will be intense impact, as this release is a perfect storm in the middle of the 2016 national election.

Americans are besieged with agenda driven distraction through television, a controlled media, music, sports and a societal model which reflects self indulgence.

The public, well trained in media propaganda can be utilized to advantage by reversing that power. Everyone in America, whether progressive or conservative knows change has arrived, few know how truly wrong it has gone. Those who cherish liberty hunger for answers, yet the vast majority of Americans have no clue as to what soon will befall them. Issues of control are far greater, far darker than which party dominates the political spectrum. Global government driven by an un-elected and ruthless elite is the enemy of mankind.

Considering the totality of what is to come, should Christians and patriots of this nation not lead, excuses will matter little as once lost, liberty will not easily be regained. We who know, as “watchmen on the wall” can sound the alarm no better than through a theatrical film. Liberal media outrage is our friend. Our revelation of the agenda will create a firestorm of controversy. Controversy sells. This in fact is our greatest weapon in the war of media fury.

The American Revolution was not easily begun. There were many long years of turmoil preceding the final unprecedented leap toward liberty. The collective consciousness achieved a tipping point. Restoration is a process. Liberty today will be restored with no less difficulty than the founding fathers experienced.

Our challenge is to stimulate thought, to motivate those who would stand for liberty. Once they have opened the door, light will be shed into the dark corners of looming world government. Our film alone will not save the nation, it will however stir hearts and minds. Such stirring must precede action. We can be the “Common Sense” of our time.


A small nucleus of motivated people can change the course of history. To do nothing is to declare defeat.

This film has the power to stimulate passion in those who have forgotten what it is to be an American…

The Republic weeps. Listen to her cry!”


“Men occasionally stumble over truth, most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened” ~Winston Churchill


For Further Insight: 
The Lists of all current Executive Resignations of Corporations, Big Pharma, Schools, Commerce and other through President Trumps Executive Orders:

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