Retirement Is For Pincushions! Why You Should Never Retire?

Why are so many people losing their minds? And at a young age even. So let me paint you a picture. You work hard all your life. You struggle, you fall down, you pick yourself back up – dust yourself off and move on with it. You tell your brain – ‘hey brain, let’s retire at age 62.’ Of course initially your brain loves the concept – sit back, lay on the sofa, play stupid, roll-over, do nothing. This retirement thing sounds pretty interesting – sure if you’re a pincushion.

I’m here to tell you that the rules have all changed. It’s a whole new big world and baby, we are living longer – more than ever before. It’s up over 80 years old now, in fact if you move to Monaco, the average is 90. Keep in mind these are averages. If you have a zest for life – avoid the ‘pin-cushion disease’ – hey you could live past a hundred.

Let’s have some fun today and learn something in the process. I’d like you to meet my guest today, Cate McCarty. Cate and I will tackle dementia on the show today. The question to ask yourself – What steps can I take to stave off dementia and give myself a fighting chance to enjoy my later years of life?

Catherine McCarty, PhD, ADC – a dementia coach whose clinical experience includes over 35 years of creating quality of life for individuals with dementia. Starting as a nursing assistant Cate learned the value of personalized care when providing physical care – with a passion for creating opportunities for quality of life. Through years of nursing and activities care, Cate has spent many hours at the side of dying individuals. Cate McCarty was one of the first graduates of the Master’s of Thanatology program at Hood College.

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  1. Don’t wait for a rainy day, start planning early – decide what you want your quality of life to be, and then go for it!
  2. Lifestyle choices are key as you mature. Make conscious decisions on what food goes into your mouth and exercise so it doesn’t stick to your hips.
  3. Be authentically YOU! Be adventurist, do what you want to do – you have one life, at least here on earth that we know of – be sure to live it for all it’s worth!
  4. Look in the mirror and compliment yourself. Love yourself first and foremost. If you don’t love yourself – how do you expect anyone to love you. Time to let your radiance shine!
  5. Stay active throughout your life – don’t retire. Your brain is a muscle, work it. Put up a sign in your mind that says – dementia go away – you’re not welcome here!
  6. Take your Mental Health and Emotional Health seriously. Give yourself a break when you need it. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Live and let live…