The Coronavirus has the entire world on economic and personal lockdown. Here in the United States, President Trump has put executive orders in place and extended the protocol to leaders across the nation; all are exercising congruent strategies to deal with this communal hazard, including the potential consequences of any criminal element preying or taking advantage of a tragic opportunity. The smack down will be equally enforced against any rogue coup stemming from domestic government forces, this to include, municipal, political, military or other.

Americans have witnessed the harsh and unbelievable realities of the political left, trying to assert draconian powers and their own agenda during the most crucial times in our nation’s history, one stunt after another in hopes of derailing the President of the United States and the American people.

We are hawk-eyed during this year of 2020 because it’s been deemed the most important election in our history.

The demon-rats are relentless in their dirty war tactics. Our citizens are war torn by these self-serving derelicts; word of caution; militia groups are standing by and ready for the count just as they were during the first American Revolution.

Some awareness and concerns are now being raised upon another deep suspicion. The city of Boston has contracted the services of a controversial renegade, retired four star general with former deep relationships to foreign nationals, the UN and a democrat Mayor who’s befriended the Fake News Media.

According to the Military Times, the Democrat Mayor of Boston, Marty Walsh, will be bringing a part of the battlefield to his city as he’s incorporated the services of retired four star General Stanley McChrystal who’s specialized team is known as the McChrystal Group and will be taking care of business in the streets of Boston for the next two months, as a part of the city’s emergency response to the Coronavirus crisis.

The retired general’s duties will include the coordination of various agencies, integrating response plans and ensuring effective and transparent communication of those plans to all Boston residents in a proficient and urgent manner. Excuse me, but the coordination of what agencies? I thought we had our own government agencies to monitor such activities, this is not the bubonic plague here, so what’s really going on? It’s common knowledge General Stanley McChrystal is not a President Trump supporter, and given the track record of the democrats, this situation is not to be fully trusted.

Two hundred and forty-five years ago, history was being made during the first American Revolution, just outside of the surrounding Boston area, at Lexington and Concord. Today, oddly enough, we have the credentials and manpower of a worldly and strategic military general wanting to battle the ravages of a different kind of war, one who’s accomplishments are over qualified regarding the crisis at hand, and who is known as a frenemy. His team will be providing preventative measures, food delivery and whatever other duties are needed during this time of uncertainty. I’m sorry and apologize if I’m wrong, but this patriots alert button is going off the charts.

Call me one suspicious Marine mother, but this looks and sounds like a Trojan horse to me. Many speculate, and ask, is this man another tool brought in by the Democrat political coup to be used against the American people and is this another false flag in the making?

Praying that the Boston Mayor does the right thing for his city and this is not some counter coup against our President and the citizens of Boston because we are suspicious of false flags and false narratives by those who do not support the America first agenda.

General McChrystal is nefariously known for a few shortcomings, the first of them being the alleged high profile cover up of the death of the former professional football player of the Arizona Cardinals, Pat Tillman, who was shot and killed by friendly fire in 2004 in Afghanistan. The Tillman family holds Gen. Stanley McChrystal responsible for trying to cover up his death by rewriting the narrative of Army soldier Pat Tillman.

To add insult to injury, and profoundly so, it was Gen. Stanley McChrystal who enforced the Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan in July of 2009, focusing more on the hearts and minds of the Afghanistan population over the lives of American soldiers and Marines.

The deep state military industrial complex played political pawn with our nation’s warriors, forever altering the lives of thousands of American Gold Star Families.

I will never forget because just two months before my Marine son was tragically killed in action during an ambush in Afghanistan with no air and fire support, all suppressed and enforced by the egregious rules of engagement and tactical directives contributing heavily to the loss of brave American souls.

Thousands have sacrificed their lives in that wore torn part of hell, so save your speeches and narratives for the dumbed down, because our military families have been schooled, we are the tragically credentialed and carry the burdens of KNOWLEDGE.

We see and smell an ambush before it hits the wind and there’s a lot to be said for the history of people, places and things, just like a Zebra who’s stripes cannot be changed.

Retried General Stanley McChrystal is the former commander of the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan, “Leadership isn’t what we think it is, in fact it never was. But it still matters,” said McChrystal, who served nearly four decades in the Army.

McChrystal was known for saying what some military leaders thought but would never say, in fact, when Obama relieved him of his duties, or he resigned, the Afghanistan President Karzai appealed to Obama, calling McChrystal “the face of the campaign” and the best commander the war has had. Well Karzai would, he’s sitting on the mounds of poppy’s and we all know now how the Afghanistan war played out, not in our favor, it was President Trump’s efforts in ending it.

Simultaneously, the United Nations chief in Afghanistan, Kai Eide, also stated that “sacking Gen. McChrystal was bound to have implications on the ground. McChrystal is the only person in the international community with unlimited access to the Afghanistan President Karzai.

These statements by foreign nationals throw extra caution to the wind, the United Nations is not our friend and there’s never been trust with Afghanistan leadership.

He started his career as a West Point graduate in 1976, becoming a weapons platoon leader with the 82nd Airborne Division before passing Special Forces selection, later commanding the 75th Ranger Regiment. He headed Joint Special Operations Command during the height of the Iraq War, was later selected to lead ISAF in Afghanistan, a position from which he resigned due to the controversial article in the Rolling Stone magazine. Following retirement, McChrystal first headed an advisory board on military family support, followed by the leadership courses he taught at Yale University.

We live in the tumultuous times of trials and tribulations, the American people are sick to death of being mislead by the treasonous political hacks known as the democrat domestic terrorists, they have brought nothing but anguish and stain to our government, they are unprofessional, derelict in their duties and void of a moral compass, and most of us question their agenda because they act Un-American where it concerns doing the right things for the right reasons in the People’s House.

During these days of lockdown, patriots are remaining vigilant, policing our own families and communities, we are stock piled in our homes with our food, water and right to bear arms, and will partake in the line of defense if called upon. We are the watchmen over any potential threat or indiscretion, and stand in support of President Trump, awaiting the green light to emerge from the sanctuary of our homes to once again become a productive and contributing force to society. Yet this time, we are better for it.

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