You can’t be happy all the time, or can you? Allison Graham says you can if you are a resilient ninja and she’s here to show you how YOU can be a resilient ninja no matter what is going on in your life.

Most people classify stress, obstacles, and adversity in life as ALL stress, but Allison Graham says they’re not and she explains how interpreting these 3 things accurately and handling them appropriately can lead to a much more fulfilled and LESS stressful life.

Allison Graham is the Resiliency Ninja, a speaker, coach and author of the book, “Married My Mom, Birthed a Dog: How to be Resilient When Life Sucks.” She helps people with her resiliency formula by 1) raising their self-awareness, 2) Realizing their strengths and 3) Tapping into their resourcefulness. With this formula she helps people to become resilient in the face of any hardship one may suffer. Allison knows firsthand what it’s like to go through many years of suffering and she writes about her life experience and how she overcame her difficulties in her book and gives helpful advice on how to navigate life’s storms, be a resilient ninja and come out on top no matter what life throws at you.

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How to be Resilient When Life Sucks