Far too many Republicans have been sitting idly by while President Trump singlehandedly rescued our republic from doom over the previous four years. Many see Trump as the best president since Ronald Reagan. I believe that if Donald Trump had not been elected, the United States would have already devolved into a third-world nation. 

We already see signs of third-world misery throughout our republic. Leftist Democrat party politicians dominate the vast majority of those horrible third-world pockets. A few others exist where RINO republicans try their evil darndest to imitate their democrat colleagues. Because Republicans have literally turned their cowardly globalist backs against the president, the deep state criminals are feeling their collectivist oats with the recent election.

Democrats are strutting their stuff, believing their placeholder Joe Biden will shuffle into the White House and help Kamala Harris and other mad leftists literally destroy the United States of America. 

Even AG Barr methodically turned a blind eye to the horrible wrongdoings in the election process. Both the leftist Democrats and RINO Republicans set out to unseat President Trump, despite the will of “We the People.” Even our judicial system is morbidly corrupt, with few judges willing to hold hearings about the incredibly obvious wrongdoings of the chorus of leftist democrats-globalists, with permission from RINOs. Their actions are truly demented.

Just recently, deep state operatives ignited explosives in beautiful downtown Nashville, Tennessee. Some believe that it was done to destroy the ability to conduct an audit of the Dominion voting machines that enabled the massive cheating that facilitated the fake results in favor of Biden-Harris in Georgia.  There were massive cheating and bullying I witnessed in Michigan. But, gutless Republicans and anti-Trump RINOs would rather appease democrats and help destroy President Trump than see the United States prosper under a second Trump administration. 

Unfortunately, so many Republicans are morally bankrupt, they don’t care if the United States is turned into Venezuela’s second coming. I, for one, never believed for one second that Trump lost the election. The destructive policies that Harris-Biden are chomping to inflict upon the United States should deeply concern every American who appreciates rational self-interests.  

The United States was founded upon the principles of unalienable rights and equal opportunities, among other great ideals. But Harris-Biden has announced that beginning on day one of their administration, they would undo all of President Trump’s economic policies. Therein lies the crux of the issues between Harris-Biden and the Trump administration.  

Both the globalist Democrats and RINO Republicans hate President Trump to the core. The biggest reason is that, unlike the Chinese concubine Biden, Trump truly wants what is best for United States interests. The globalist Chinese concubine Democrats and their RINO lackeys would rather undermine our quality of life while giving every advantage to our adversaries, like China and the United Nations. 

It is disheartening to watch the Republicans like Mark Meadows and numerous others try to convince Trump to throw in the towel and allow the leftist cheating Democrats to have their way and wipe out our God-ordained way of life. 

I refuse to give in to the foolish notion of handing the reins of government over to those who did not earn them legally. It would be insane to give up now.  The evidence is piled a mile high. Just because the judiciary, the FBI, the CIA, the dragon lying media, and even 1,600 unfit corrupt ministers all conspired against Trump, who has served admirably for one dollar a year, does not mean we should give up and give in. “We the People” are the straw that stirs the drink.

President Trump has been preparing the United States for the coming global reset. It will collapse the world bank and ravage all nations connected to it and all aspects of the unwarranted entangled global economy. 

The Founding Fathers warned us to avoid such utter foolishness. We cannot fall for the upcoming traps, tricks, trauma, continued lies, and evil plots that the leftists/elites/RINOs, etc., will be engaged in during the upcoming weeks. President Trump has urged the Republicans to be strong and join him in the effort to save our beloved republic. Hopefully, they will follow righteous principles and finally resolve to prefer our republic over the demonic globalism schemes that are designed to put our republic asunder. Then we will once again be one nation under God. 

Happy New Year, and be sure to check out a page from The Edwards Notebook commentary on America Out Loud Talk Radio. 

God bless you, God bless America, and may America bless God.