The tax cuts that just passed and signed into law on December 22, 2017 will allow most Americans to keep more of their own money, while the deep cuts (long overdue) for businesses will allow for expansion, more job growth and job security for their current work force. Many businesses announced immediate bonuses and a pay raise for their work force right after the tax cut bill passed, companies such as Boeing, AT&T, Fifth Third Bancorp, Comcast, Wells Fargo, Sinclair Broadcast Group, and Texas Capital Bank. These cuts will also attract those American businesses that left our shores for a lower tax rate, to return to their country, creating even more jobs; it’s simple economics 101. (Milton Friedman – The Robin Hood Myth)

Tax cuts actually increase the revenue the federal government receives in tax receipts. See the chart (click to enlarge) marked with red dots where major tax cuts happened over the years and then look at the tax receipts that came into the government when this happened. In particular the largest tax cuts took place during the Reagan years and lasted well past his Presidency, even into the Clinton years boosting job growth by adding 25 million jobs after Reagan termed out as President.

Democrats— who are these politicians really? You hear them complain vigorously over the recent tax cuts for Americans and businesses, as if Americans will be robbed blind and end up severely hurt and more impoverished by these cuts and how corporations and small businesses will just pocket the tax savings and not reinvest. In fact Democrat politicians always complain when anything good could come about that would actually make things better for all Americans.

So, who are the Democrat Politicians really? I can say without hesitation what they really are; they are progressives, big government politicians. So what is a progressive politician anyway? They are people that believe in control, that they and they alone have the answers for the masses. But deep down they love it because they enjoy the internal rush of controlling people.

When you hear progressives spout how terrible these tax cuts are, these people are actually speaking to those Americans that are ignorant to the facts and were taught lies. The progressive’s sole purpose is to destroy the economy and gain control of all means of production along with your life; sounds like Communism or Socialism, and it smells exactly like it.

Make no mistake these progressives that hold seats of power today all across the nation know about the ideology of human control that they use, they personally don’t believe in Communism or Socialism, certainly not for them; it’s just a tool. It’s only for the masses to live under such harsh conditions of Communism or Socialism.

These ideologies of Marxism are used by progressives to gain control over you, promising you a great life, while they enrich themselves off your sweat and toil to make a living, while you ultimately live impoverished. Communist Countries such as North Korea, Cuba, China, the old Soviet Union (Russia) and Socialist Venezuela immediately come to mind. This is how these regimes were able to obtain so much power in many governments, promising you the world of which they cannot deliver. And how Barrack Hussein Obama was able to dupe the masses and able to serve as President for two terms under lies of a better life for the individual.

As of this writing I listened to Rush Limbaugh at noon and he spoke about the Reagan Tax cuts that boosted the economy like gangbusters, where millions of jobs were ultimately created by massive cuts, but Democrats over the years turned back the clock on these cuts. Years ago I said it was our educational system that made it easier for Democrats to achieve such power and devastation in our economy, and then Limbaugh said it on the air, though we both had little to no proof of it at the time. The Democrats had help building their dreams through a duped citizenry, lots of help in achieving power, one example was documented by the Texas Public Policy Foundation during 2002, Compilation of Textbook Factual Errors (96 pages). You can obtain a copy of that and see for yourself. And currently Florida Citizens’ Alliance court battle against textbooks which are blatantly false—

The Democrats needs a brainwashed electorate, but not without a few Republicans that bought into the “control mentality”, some Republicans actually voted against the recent tax cuts.

Mao Tse-tung

However, today many Americans are waking from the lies by the Democrat politicians or should I really say, fake Communists and Socialists, which are losing their grip.

Checking history, the worst manmade famine in human history, an estimated 40 million people died of hunger between 1959 and 1961 under Mao Tse-tung reign while the Communist Party lived lavishly with plenty of food to eat.

Let us not forget what was hanging on the Obama’s first White House Christmas tree, the leader of the Communist Party of China, Mao Tse-tung and if you don’t believe it, please help yourself to the Fox News report on December 24, 2000—

Mao Christams tree ball


Democrat Maxine Waters lives in a million dollar Mansion—

Maxine Waters Mansion

So now you know who and what the Democrats truly are; egotistical, self-centered narcissistic control freaks. Bent on causing any kind of mischief and lies to ultimately gain power by using Marxism (Socialism/Communism) as tools to ultimately impoverish all Americans and permanently change our way of life and rule us all.

Republics have come and gone before us as failures. “We The People”, the sovereign over our own government, have failed to keep a watchful eye on our republic. This has been the “age of blindness” in American history. Let us not be blind anymore and open our eyes to a “renewed enlightenment” of careful watchfulness, for to do anything less will be the undoing of our blessed republic.

Phil Davis served in the USAF from 1973-1993 and most of it was working in Command and Control at Strategic Air Command (SAC) and United States Air Forces Europe USAFE, while his two best assignments was working at HQ 8AF Command Center from 1984-1989 at Barksdale AFB, with a one year assignment serving with the 485 Tactical Missile Wing, Ground Launch Cruise Missiles in Belgium during 1986-1987. Phil has been writing on political issues since 1993, including a run with the Examiner prior to 2013. It was just after that when he started his own blog where he has written on various subjects about a myriad of topics related to our country's political environment and the rediscovery of American Patriotism.