Is it irresponsible behavior committed by numerous Republicans to have contracted Covid, or is there something more sinister going on?

Democrats are desperate to avoid the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett. With the newest revelations of Hillary Clinton and Obama/Biden dreaming up the entire Russia Collusion scandal that wasted our President’s time, our country’s time and money and divided Americans even further apart, it would be no surprise to me that a plot would be hatched to stop the Supreme Court Justice hearings. As a bonus, they could stop many republicans running for offices including the President.

With the mail in voting schemes, the Russian collusion treasonous scheme, the Ukraine impeachment scheme, and all the many lies told and obstructions of our duly elected President and Senators, why would they not find a way to pass Covid to the President and members of the Judiciary committee, the President’s team and staff members in the hopes of stopping their momentum and the confirmation of a conservative Justice?

Not being a conspiracy theorist by nature, I found this possibility niggling at my brain more and more. At a small dinner party at my home, I mentioned it to the group to see if senility or some other malady was affecting my thinking, and of the 4 unrelated families present, they all had thought the very same thing. I was astounded, but somewhat relieved knowing I was not having a “Biden” moment.

So, we batted the subject around a bit. All the attendees were tested prior to the Rose Garden Event. If that is the point of initiation of the virus for all the virus recipients, where did the virus come from then? I do understand tracing is being conducted. I do hope that consideration is being given to people outside the normal crowd, such as food servers, delivery persons etc. who may have had access to cause spread in some way. I don’t know if there are other ways to spread Covid beside human contact, but it surely needs to be at least considered. Can it be weaponized?

The President’s enemies have been relentless in their effort to destroy him and bring the swamp in Washington to new heights. Attorney General William Barr is closing in on those that sought to disenfranchise half of America and nullify their votes for President⏤by implementing their own, and the true, Russia Collusion.

Pelosi, Schiff, Schumer, Nadler, and all their cronies have spent four years using the politics of obstruction, destruction and obfuscation on the President and on Americans. We have all lost due to the Obama/ Biden/ Clinton/ Comey/ Strzok plan to cheat America for their own power with utter disregard for our country and the electorate. At the 11th hour when Ruth Bader Ginsburg passes at a time inconvenient to the left, a new October surprise could have been launched to disrupt the placement of Constitutional Jurist, Amy Coney Barrett. It was lost on no one that Schumer immediately called for the suspension of her confirmation due to Covid. Additionally, two attempts were made on the life of our President in the form of anthrax mailed to him but intercepted by Secret Service.

The left is trying everything. They are mailing ballots to dead people. They are throwing military ballots in the garbage. They are being arrested left and right for ballot harvesting. They want to count the ballots conveniently after the election. They think republicans are stupid, and truth be told, sometimes they are.

We are watching Speaker Pelosi, a “political leader” in America do anything but wish the President well. Biden speaks out of both sides of his mouth, which is common, as he wished President well and bashed him for irresponsibly getting Covid. Funny we didn’t hear a word about the rioters, looters and protesters acting irresponsibly though.

Is it so farfetched to believe that a plot so sinister could be implemented to infect Republicans only, with the intent to stop their forward momentum in the election and to halt the confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett?

After watching 4 years of attacks and treasonous plots on our President, I think it more likely than not that foul play is involved in this incident. This is a little too over the top to ignore!

Photo: AP