In Episode Nine of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael Johns, Malcolm and Michael return with a passion-filled episode addressing the recent passing of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg and President Trump’s opportunity to promptly nominate a Constitutional originalist as a replacement, the inexplicable delay in John Durham’s criminal investigation into Obamagate, the transparent bias on display in media’s coverage of President Trump and Joe Biden’s respective recent town halls, and a flashback to Michael’s January 18, 2016 op-ed in support of Martin Luther King’s values and how MLK’s values clash completely with those reflected in today’s Marxist-led street violence.

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Replacing Ginsburg | Malcolm and Michael address the four decade federal judicial legacy of Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on Friday at age 87. They also address the Constitutional requirements and politics surrounding her replacement. With six weeks to go before November’s presidential election, some on the left are arguing that Trump should not make a nomination. Malcolm and Michael address why such an approach would place politics above the Constitution, which obligates the president to nominate and the Senate to consider Supreme Court nominees in a timely fashion.

Malcolm and Michael also dive into the puzzling recognition that the Obamagate investigation, which originally was to have concluded by Labor Day, is running substantially behind and the fact that the major players in possible criminality regarding FISA abuse, Trump campaign surveillance, and other illegalities have not even been interviewed by John Durham, the Assistant U.S. Attorney charged with overseeing the Obamagate investigation and any related prosecutions.

A Tale of Two Town Halls | Malcolm and Michael review the complete double standards in the media’s respective handling of Trump and Biden’s town halls over the past week. In those town halls, Trump was grilled repeatedly with follow-up questions by ABC moderator George Stephanopoulos. Biden, conversely, was permitted to make multiple outrageous statements, including alleging that 100 percent of U.S. pandemic deaths were preventable, as CNN moderator Anderson Cooper remained silent, refusing to challenge any of Biden’s untruthful statements. The media have so obviously chosen sides in the presidential race and are opting to play an activist and biased role in trying to shape the opinions of American voters leading up to November’s election.

MLK Would Not Support BLM | Finally, Malcolm and Michael go back four years to discuss Michael’s January 18, 2016 column, “Why Our Tea Party Movement Honors MLK,” in which Michael praises Martin Luther King’s core values of rejecting racial identity and violence and embracing Christian values and ethics and individual responsibility. They discuss how these values clash completely with the Marxist, violent, and racial identity tactics being employed by Antifa and Black Lives Matter today and why King, if he were alive now, would almost certainly oppose both of these organizations and their tactics and ideologies.

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