Renewal Is The Spice Of Life

I’ve always wondered about the Human desire to hit the reset button. Or, the Benjamin Button…
I found myself reflecting on this year and realized that this pattern of internal instinct for change isn’t just owned by Humans. I believe we are the only ones that actually pick a day to launch off of though.
In all Life, we know growth is essential. If it stops, it all stops. But, in People, I think we are able to revel in the Freedom to change. This is what sets Us apart. I can recognize a need for a new direction and make a plan. I get excited and share it or hoard the details. The pre-determined day arrives and I’m all in. I look forward to the outcome and can already see the celebration. 
I think that wanting to be better, stronger, thinner, more secure or adventurous is essential to our innate desire to be remembered. 
Giving up the excitement of growth, is well…  just not who We are.
Happy & Healthy New Year To Everyone 

Photo location Killarney National Park, Beaufort, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Renewal Is The Spice Of Life”