Here we are celebrating another Mother’s Day! For some of us, we pause to think happy thoughts about our Moms. How many of use remember those wonderful smells coming from the kitchen? What about those numerous scrape knees that received the miraculous touch of Mother’s hand?

Mothers have always been the center of attention in the home. Regardless of what it may look like on the outside; Mother’s rule! When Mama’s happy; the whole house is happy.

When I think about Mothers and how much sacrifices they make for their families, communities and this country; I am blown away at the strength of these amazing women. Every woman who has ever given birth, whether spiritual, or physical has made an impact on the lives of children that time cannot erase. Ladies today is our day! Let’s celebrate the causes for which we have fought, the giants we have slain, and the footprints we leave behind in the lives of every child we touch.

Today on INTENTIONAL I reflect back on the causes of some of our fears, heartbreaks and disappointments but we are not left there. We are quickly reminded of the presence and power of God to heal and deliver everyone who would trust Him. Listen as we break open the Word of God to bring wholeness into your lives today.  Join me for WAKE Up And Pray every Wednesday at 6:30 AM CST. Call 1- 712-770-5505