Exactly what do the newest buzz terms mean, to reimagine police work and to reimagine public safety? All the polls and pundits breathlessly talk about this reimagination, looking toward defunding police, disallowing the holds that give them control over a combative suspect, charging police with crimes and allowing lawsuits against police for doing the job we put them there to do.

I am reimagining public safety and police work too, with a new twist that would solve so many societal problems. I imagine a country who seeks to hire the best and brightest, most physically and mentally capable men and women to be police officers. I imagine that they would receive the best training from the best, most experienced and qualified trainers in Use of Force, Laws of Arrest, Search and Seizure, Firearms, Negotiation, De-escalation, Control Tactics, and the aspects of medicine that pertain to police work.

I imagine that they would be supported first and foremost by department leaders, city leaders, city councils, mayors, city managers, governors and finally citizens. The citizens would respect the police and teach their children to respect them rather than attack them and defy them. Police would be friends to the community and the community would be friends to the police. That starts with the example of all the aforementioned leaders.

I imagine that when someone is arrested for a crime, they will have bail to be released until trial, and that they would be prosecuted for the crime they commit and not for a made-up lesser infraction. Then if convicted the offender would receive an appropriate sentence as punishment and as a deterrent from committing more crimes. In the meantime, society would be safer with the criminal off the streets.

I imagine that whoever does the crime, does the time, regardless of age, sex, race, or any other useless reason.

I imagine that the well-trained, and continuously trained officers would come when called by a person needing help and would have the skills to take care of the problem they were called for. No longer would they be told to stand down as they watch thugs burning, and looting and brandishing weapons, and throwing water on officers, and attacking officers. In my imagination, this empowering of thugs and making wusses and punching bags out of officers would never happen again.

Police would be well-funded rather than de-funded. They would have every tool in their tool bag to enable them to protect the public from those who would harm us, and the courts and the legal system would back them up in every righteous situation and would remove offenders from  being in a position to re-offend and victimize more of our population.

I am imagining that the public demands that crimes that have been reduced from felonies to misdemeanors will be prosecuted as felonies, and that crimes that are no longer being prosecuted such as theft, burglary etc, be prosecuted before the crimes get bigger and bolder and more dangerous.

I imagine that dangerous politicians, partisan politicians, and plain stupid politicians would not have the power ever again to empty our jails and prisons of criminals, felons, child molesters, drug dealers, murderers, wife beaters, assaulters, child abusers and any other person that commits a crime that harms another human being. I imagine that Americans would feel safer in their homes, their work, on their streets and in their everyday lives.

I imagine that the people of America in every city, and county and state of this magnificent country, would have the common sense, and the heroic courage to vote out those that would defund those who keep us safe, and since it’s my imagination, I will also imagine that the politicians perpetrating the actions that support criminals and vilify police either have a come to Jesus moment and realize their dangerous stupidity, or get voted out and leave us the heck alone.

I promise that my reimagination of public safety will be far more effective than the versions I am hearing from the Marxist leaning, incompetent and dangerous politicians we currently employ.

I don’t need to imagine that we have the right to police protection, and we pay for police to protect our people and communities. Without them we will be less safe. Imagining the alternative is all bad.

Let’s be real about all this political double speak about reimagining, and call it for what it is, a betrayal of the people with the goal to move toward chaos and socialism.

I want good old-fashioned cops that can take care of business, put the bad guys in jail and walk granny across the street, and occasionally stop at the local donut shop.

I want safety over political correctness. I don’t want the guy who burgled my house to be back to do it like Groundhog Day, over and over as he gets out on no bail and the lazy DA won’t prosecute the crime. That is BS and we all know it. Let’s reimagine that we are strong enough to say something and do something to stop this ignorant and dangerous trip to neverland that we are on and get some politicians and police chiefs in place to do what their first order of business is, which is public safety.