In April Iranian Foreign Minister, Javad Zarif told Chris Wallace that Israel, John Bolton, Saudi Arabia, and United Arab Emirates all wanted regime change in Iran.

“They have all shown that they want to drag the U.S. into a conflict, I do not believe that Pres Trump wants to do that – I believe Pres Trump ran on a campaign promise to not bring the U.S. into another war – but I believe Pres Trump’s intention to put maximum pressure on Iran in order to bring Iran to it’s knees – so that we would succumb to pressure is doomed to failure – and these individuals know this,” says Zarif.

President Trump joked that if United States foreign policy was decided by his national security advisor John Bolton, “We’d be in four wars by now.” The president reportedly made the remarks in private, this is according to The New York Times. Officials who spoke with the Times said the president favored his Bolton’s tough measures on the Iranian regime, but was not happy with the narrative that Bolton was moving toward a regime change in the region. 

In the mean time⏤former Obama government officials were kissing up to China and Iran, attempting to convince them that President Trump will not be re-elected. Additionally, Senator Dianne Feinstein had conversations and dinner with Javad Zarif. Former Secretary of State John Kerry appears to have violated the Logan Act. The Deep State is in full-action mode. 

L Todd Wood, National Security Expert and Political Analyst, Publisher of CD Media, Veteran Air Force Pilot and Author. The Panel of Voices for this episode: CAPT Stu Cvrk is a retired naval officer, and defense contractor. Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst specializing in terrorism and politics. Arnetta Notkin, 30 years working on Wall Street, a Producer and Political Commentator. 

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