For all the arguments on gun control⏤mental health continues to evade the thought process of democrat lawmakers. Inevitably the debate always comes back to removing guns and the origins of the 2nd amendment. As one listener wrote: The reason gun control is a bad idea. The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting animals or personal protection from other citizens, it’s about protection from a government that would turn on its own people. WHY IS THIS IDEA LOST ON EVERYONE?

Yet as time marches on, there is little doubt amongst even naysayers that mental instability is the leading cause of mass shootings. Perhaps the question we need to be asking ourselves is⏤Is it possible to prevent some of these mass shootings if evidence existed and was acted upon⏤that shows probable cause that that person could do harm to themselves or others?

Red flag laws would allow law enforcement, and family members to petition a judge to confiscate guns from individuals who have the potential to cause harm. The idea is that it is a way of acting upon warning signs, “red flags,” in order to prevent potential violence. Could state red flag laws provide the tools for law enforcement to act on many of these situations before it’s too late?

In our ASK THE EXPERT discussion, Lt Joseph Pangaro, retired police lieutenant, Director of School Security, Master Trainer and host of Chasing Justice⏤will discuss the red flag laws and then answer questions from our expert panel to include: Sid Bowdidge, his book “A Rush to Judgement: A Journey with Trump, God, and Love”, describes an insider’s view of running Trump’s Ground Campaign. Richard T is a former School teacher, and now a Professor at three universities teaching online US History, Humanities and Government. James Sinclair, is an Entrepreneur, US Marine corps veteran and patriot. Arnetta Notkin, a 30 year career on Wall Street – a Producer and Commentator.

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