Can one recover from serious mental imbalance? How? These questions are increasingly important to emotionally disturbed people and the governments supporting them. It's crazy, but top research psychiatrists now admit “We still don't know the cause of most mental illness; indicators show it is not a ‘broken brain' that can be fixed by medications.” There are many resources for Extraordinary Healing that exposes a new paradigm about the causes of mental disturbances and maps pathways to full recovery.

An effective model of care from Brazil that has been developed since the 1930s is described in Dr. Bradgon’s book. The treatment addresses biological, psychosocial, and spiritual issues– not separately, but together. In one of Brazil’s hospitals is a collaborating healthcare team made up of medical doctors, psychiatrists, medical intuitives and spiritual healers. Trained volunteers bring compassionate understanding and companionship. It is more cost-effective than our system.

Emma Bragdon has a PhD in Transpersonal Psychology. She was licensed as a Marriage, Family, Child Therapist in 1988 and consults with individuals online. She is the Founder and current Executive Director of “Integrative Mental Health for You”–an online educational resource. She is Deeply involved with metaphysics, energy healing, spiritual healing and meditation since 1964.

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