With brain disorders now affecting 1 in 5 children in America; and the families of these children are being torn apart as a result…. how are we as a society going to survive if something is not done to fix this problem? Well, my guest today just may have the answer with something he and his wife are doing to help these families fix these problems and get their life back.

Dr. Robert Melillo a chiropractor, neurologist, author, and researcher in child neurological disorders and creator of the Brain Balance Program and his wife are working hard to fix this problem. They are going into some of these families’ homes and helping to correct things that are hindering or exacerbating their child’s problems. They are making changes such as improving the way the parents are parenting these children to cleaning out their refrigerator and replacing junk food with healthy food, to getting them to exercise among other things. They are filming a web series that they hope to turn into a tv series of how they are doing this and the results they are getting is nothing short of miraculous.

For Further Insight:
Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrRobMelillo

You can see their web series on youtube by going here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BISWftNrUQ&list=PLWAI3_dxRpUyObSUlQxoqTzIfmQWIzj2z&index=1

To learn more about Dr. Melillo, his wife, the web series, and his Brain Balance Centers plus, check out his books he has written on brain problems in children go to: www.drrobertmelillo.com.

Also, you can specifically check out his book “Disconnected Kids” which has a lot of helpful information and exercises that alone have helped many kids get better by going to his site www.drrobertmelillo.com.

You can also join their facebook page and keep up with the latest things they are doing: https://www.facebook.com/disconnectedkids/.

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