These are the moments, the moments before the wave crashes, the lightning strikes, or a calamity befalls the innocent victim, the moments we may look back on as lost opportunity to prevent tragedy. Every horrific incident has these moments of calm before the storm, a moment when we had a chance to make a difference and an instant when we either recognized the danger and changed course or we didn’t see the signs and crashed on the rocks lamenting our place in the world.

It is at that time, from a place of salvation or destruction that we will see the true value of freedom.   

The things we now see as “normal” such as a crashed economy, wearing a mask, closed businesses, unemployment as a better life style than going to work, violence in our streets, burning, looting and the destruction of the symbols of our past⏤are all seeds of our destruction as a nation and an end to our freedoms.

The pandemic and its life changing rules, the lockdown, the civil unrest, the assaults on our freedoms, along with the November election⏤are the perfect storm, creating bitter division among the American people.

History is replete with throngs of people clamoring for a change; some of those changes have been positive, others very bad indeed. As an example, I can imagine the dismay of the Cuban citizenry who saw a chance for empowerment and an escape from the power of a government that took advantage of its people with the ascension of Fidel Castro and his promise of freedom only to see themselves plunged into the darkness of communism. Their lives ruled under a tyrannical regime much worse that what they knew before.

This process has been seen many times, even in our modern world, the downfall of Germany under the Nazis, the ruination of Venezuela and the smothering force of the Soviet Union across huge swaths of the planet; all in the name of a better life for the “People”. This process, as I have said in many previous articles is the easily anticipated result of humanity falling into its default position of living under tyranny, the rule of the strong over the weak.

It is only in the birth and rise of America that we saw a change to that paradigm, a script flipping series of events that potentially forever changed the world. I say potentially because we are now seeing an attack on our country, our freedoms and our way of life that is life threatening. The forces of tyranny are strong in our modern world and in the USA, stronger than at any time in our history 

There is a push on for socialism to replace capitalism and the push is not coming from foreign sources, or radical groups hidden in the shadows, the forces at work today are part of our very system.

There are American politicians who openly favor socialism, we see our schools pushing socialism to our students as a favorable alternative for the future and we see the rise of groups whose stated mission is the end of traditional America and the ushering in a new order of country, one based on socialism or its more ominous cousin, communism that lurks in the darkness. 

It is in these very trying times we must see through the mist of political correctness, group think and the many diversions designed to weaken and separate us as a people⏤if we are to mount a real response to the attempts to derail our nation and our way of life. This is that moment, that moment before the tragedy strikes, that moment when we have a chance to react, to change the path before it is too late. 

The value of freedom is fleeting, especially when we have become so accustomed to it, as if it will never be taken away or diminished.

The saying many of us proclaim very proudly “We live in a free Country” is empowering when all is going well. My example here is clearly the mask conundrum we all face in the time of COVID-19 and the death that awaits all of us if we do not comply. What started out as a reasonable response to reasonable non-political medical advice has turned into an act of either compliance and submission to authority or an act of defiance and a declaration of independence from authority. The problem being we don’t know which is truly the correct reaction.

Because we have a politicized everything, we cannot trust anything we are being told. We must ask if the demand to wear the “mask“ is benign help, or the hidden face of tyranny grooming us for obedience without question.

Just look at the reality that we don’t really know if the virus is as deadly as we are told, are the numbers real, is it worth shutting down our country, our economy, our schools and our very lives based on what? Expert opinions, of which there are many. What is their agenda?

We see groups of doctors who buck the system and say don’t shut down, be cautious and open up. What happens to them? They are banned, shunned, described as nuts or worse, why? It is easy to make the case that our freedom is under attack based on how we are behaving around a virus, albeit a bad one. The fact that we don’t have facts is part of the problem and leads to the fear and division around this topic with millions of our citizens not just complying on their own, but demanding, to the point of violence that YOU comply as well. Is that freedom?

We see hypocrisy in that some gatherings are good from the powerful and connected few, yet yours is not! We see rioting and protesting with thousands of unmasked people jammed in together. We see thousands of politicians at a political funeral sitting close together. We see homeless people and commune loving people living in the streets of our cities. But, if you go to church, or your uncle’s funeral, a baseball game, a concert or have a gathering in your own backyard, you are putting everyone at risk for dying a miserable death from COVID.

If you dare to think you could go a voting booth and vote you are regarded as a radical, selfish hater of humanity.  

Can you imagine how we would react if we had real information, true facts and not opinions from so called experts? We might choose differently, we might decide to go to church, or funerals of our loved ones or see family members. This virus is just an easy example of how fragile our freedoms are, mostly because we accept the rules and edicts and obey without question.             

Freedom, real freedom dwells in the heart of the patriot, not in words or proclamations. The value of freedom is that it allows us to live as we were meant to be, to attain our dreams and reach our potential. The current political climate makes it clear that there are people who will crush our freedoms in the blink of an eye if it suits them. We are seeing the slow and the very fast diminution of our freedom as we acquiesce to the demands of the mob, the politically correct, the fearful, and the corrupt politicians.

The only hope is a reawaking and appreciation for our freedom, it is all that separates us from tyranny and the next tragic chapter of humanity.