Are you willing to be hated? Bob Marshall was as he served over 20 years in the Virginia House of Delegates.

Bob Marshall knows that in order to be an effective statesman, you have to be willing to stand firm for God and His principles…and be willing to be disliked.

Bob represented what the Founding Fathers so eloquently wrote about – Natural Law – the laws of Nature and Nature’s God…and people hated him for it —many times on both sides of the aisles. He fought to protect God’s gift of life and authored Blessed are the Barren, an amazing, highly resourced book about the unknown history of Planned Parenthood and its effects on our society.

His new book, Reclaiming the Republic, teaches an “A to Z civics course for Christians and Conservatives.” With 188,000 precincts across America, Bob’s vision is to take back America from the grips of Progressives/Secularists one precinct at time!

We CAN do this America! Learn how from Bob Marshall —statesman, orator, author, long-time Delegate, Christian.

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