Rebuilding Our National Security

After eight years of neglect under the Obama administration, US National Security is in desperate need of rebuilding. National Security needs be viewed holistically beyond the narrow confines of the intelligence community and Departments of Defense and Homeland Security. Rather, the Trump administration needs to seamlessly integrate all relevant departments and agencies to reduce the deficit, move toward energy independence, employ and empower our citizens, repair our crumbling infrastructure while providing security and fostering growth and prosperity.

Colonel Jamie Williamson interviews fellow OPSEC member and fellow America Out Loud Contributor and Columnist Colonel Jim Waurishuk. Together they explore paradigm shifts in the new dynamics of 21st century security and challenges to be confronted by the new administration. Trump has plenty to do but he’s assembled the right crew to pull it off.

Colonel Jim Waurishuk, 30 year career senior intelligence officer, retired U. S. Air Force Colonel, held positions on the White House national security staff, headquarters US Central Command – served in Grenada, Panama, Bosnia, Iraq & Afghanistan. Also an advisory capacity for the Donald Trump Campaign President.

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