What Really Happened? Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson 2

Media and politicians collude for their own agendas, not yours, and they don’t care who gets hurt on account of their actions. We need to hold them accountable. On today’s show we explore how mainstream media, in collaboration with politicians’ Progressive agendas, deceive the public with an irresponsible false narrative of events that borders a deliberate disinformation campaign.

Retired Green Beret Colonel Jamie Williamson and former CIA Officer Del Wilber speak with former Ferguson, Missouri Police Chief Tom Jackson regarding the events of August 2014 and the civil unrest that ensued after the shooting of Michael Brown. Tom provides insight into the agendas of an irresponsible media who furthered a false narrative which escalated an already volatile situation. Furthermore, the situation was further exacerbated by politicians at state and federal levels. Politicians from the Governor of Missouri to the US Attorney General and President Obama all weighed in irresponsibly to further their progressive agendas and their own political goals placing themselves and their agenda above the safety of local residents. They explore how political attitudes at the national level gave legitimacy to Black Lives Matter, empowered thugs and criminals, and endangered law enforcement officers throughout the United States.


Policing Ferguson, Policing America:
What Really Happened . . .
and What the Country Can Learn from It