A Real Solution to Death by Selfie

We are actively and inhumanely slaying our health and wellness one bite at a time, one decision at a time, one food addiction at a time, one bad habit at a time! America, I call this Death by Selfie! You are killing yourself! Did you know 2/3 of American adults are overweight or obese? We are suffering and the problem is not just a weight issue but a chronic illness epidemic.

It is getting worse and costing Americans over a $1/2 Trillion in health care from metabolic diseases; including cancer, type II diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke and plethora of other physical and psychological issues. You have a decision to live a healthy life. It is never too late to reverse the effects of chronic illness and to prevent future problems caused by excess weight and poor lifestyle habits. Our guest today has a comprehensive solution to address the many facets to achieving optimum health.

“True wellness isn’t just about prevention, but reversal of chronic disease”.

Michael P Murphy proudly served as a Florida police officer when he responded to the poor economic signs. Approximately 9 years ago, Michael fearlessly took the plunge and made a career change with many unknowns! FEAR aside; he was hopeful to use his compassion for people and problem solving skills and by coincidence found a perfect partnership with Jay J. Garcia, MD. In response to the growing concerns of an obese and sick society, Dr. Garcia and Michael partnered to create a comprehensive and flexible wellness and weight loss system based on a patient’s specific bio makeup and needs.

One plan does not fit all. Vivaliti Wellness offers 21st century solutions with customizable plans for weight loss under the medical solutions of Dr. Garcia. Michael is founder of Vivaliti and CEO of Garcia Weight Loss and partners with anyone in the community who is ready to have a real conversation about real solutions for the obesity and chronic illnesses that are killing us!

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