For the second time in recent history, our country has a historic opportunity to see another defender of the Constitution appointed to the Supreme Court.

True justice will prevail in the conformation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the U.S. Supreme Court. What the Democrats, their political-left operatives and the mainstream media and Republican Establishment has coordinated, in their cover up in the background of Christine Blasey-Ford that has been well-known by students at Palo Alto University is that she is as an extreme-leftist and Progressive Professor, who has been Never Trump demonstrator ever since candidate Donald Trump ran for office, and that she degraded and disparaged President Trump in campus and classroom discussions.

The Democrats, the political-left and their social-justice advocates want to transform the criminal justice system and the rule of law. What I am referring to is the question facing the U.S. Justice System and American citizens, is if a person is ever accused of a crime, should they be found guilty, as soon as they are accused? Should the U.S. Justice System and all U.S. Laws that always treated all accused individuals as “innocent until proven guilty” be set aside and allow without evidence or the lack thereof, that a simple accusation of an individual, with no proof to back up the accusation, be allowed to stand in order to find that individual guilty?

Those that watched and those that thoroughly read the hearing proceedings, in her well-rehearsed testimony before the Senate Panel on September 27th, while being coached by her attorneys, Christine Blasey-Ford came across as a mixed up and troubled woman. Further, her demeanor and appearance wasn’t normal for a person of her age, education, and standing. As a mature woman, she gave responses to questions in an abnormally weak and high pitched little girl’s voice, which led viewers to wonder whether she was acting, or if she had mental problems. A Body Language Expert analyzed Christine while she testified to the allegation that Judge Kavanaugh sexually abused her 36 years ago; the overall analysis by the Body language Expert was that “Something’s Wrong Mentally” with Christine.

As a former senior intelligence officer, I will tell you that Military and Law Enforcement Interrogators are trained to look into a subject’s eyes during an interview or interrogation. If TV viewers had been trained to pay close attention to Christine Blasey-Ford’s eyes during her testimony, they would have had doubts about the veracity of her testimony. There were many gaping holes in Christine’s testimony, and she did not reveal any new or corroborating facts to substantiate her charge that Britt Kavanaugh sexually abused her.

Likewise, Christine testified that she is a licensed psychiatrist, that was apparently an untruthful representation. Unlike most viewers, I found her testimony, included this first of many false responses, that she lacked credibility, and her follow on testimony was laced with untruths and misleading statement throughout, as explained in the below listed narrative. Two men recently stated Christine may have misidentified them as being Brett Kavanaugh.

As we learned during the testimony and from various news and media sources, Christine said that four (4) witnesses were at the party, where she was alleged to have been assaulted. All four (4) subject witnesses refuted her allegation and said they weren’t at any such party. That was her the second false representation. There were no specific details to corroborate where the alleged sexual assault took place, no evidence to prove the alleged assault actually took place, no witnesses to corroborate the alleged assault, and she could not provide a year or date when the alleged sexual abuse took place.

Similarly, since Christine made the unsubstantiated allegation, Judge Kavanaugh has been considered guilty of sexual abuse by the shameless Democrat Senators, Progressive Marxists, Planned Parenthood, Radically Left College Professors, and the political-left and the left-wing media establishment. They state Judge unfortunately, and sadly, Kavanaugh will be considered guilty by them, until he can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that he is innocent. To be pronounced guilty until proven innocent, goes against 242 years of U.S. Laws, and the laws of all western nations. Their ideology, corrupt political mindset and their partisan ignorance is the pivotal downfall of their decision making and warped way of thinking.

But the political corruption of the Democrats doesn’t end there by any means. In violation of her request for anonymity, Christine was exposed to the press as the author of the July 30 letter to Senator Diane Feinstein. Turns out that, three weeks before Christine sent her letter to Senator Feinstein, in a well-coordinated operation to cover-up her true identity, her criminal record with three charges, her salacious high school year book bragging about drunken promiscuity, and her Stanford Bio Page were either scrubbed or altered; it is obvious that this operation was a well-planned and well-coordinated operation to derail the appointment of Judge Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court and to destroy his reputation.

In addition to the political agenda driven efforts by the political-left, Christine was reported to have said she was afraid to fly, so she would have delay testimony in DC until she could drive from California to Washington (that was a third untruth, since she flies often, and everywhere to places like the East Coast, Hawaii, Costa Rica, French Polynesia, etc.). Three times, the Senators told her and her attorneys that they were willing to fly anywhere to listen to her testimony, so she wouldn’t have to fly. Those three offers were well covered and reported on nearly all TV Networks, for nearly a week, Christine said in her testimony that she was unaware of any such offer (that was her third lie).

As we have all learned, Christine flew to Washington to give an unsettled and confusing testimony in a nationally televised TV hearing, before the Senate Panel; she appeared to be distressed. There is a very good possibility that Christine’s, 36-year old, repressed memory may have been recovered by memory retrieval hypnosis during her therapy sessions; memory retrieval is so unreliable, that any information retrieved is considered unreliable and would be inadmissible in a court of law.

Since her attorney’s refused to allow her therapy notes to be examined confidentially, to determine if memory retrieval hypnosis was used to get her to accuse Brett Kavanaugh, and to verify if the repeated referrals to what those notes were reported to have revealed publicly was true. A cloud still remains over how her therapy led her to confirm that it was Brett Kavanaugh who sexually abused her. Christine eventually testified that Brett Kavanaugh’s name was not in therapist’s notes.

The varying descriptions of the alleged sexual contact continue to this day to range from inconsistent to outright lying, both by her and her called upon witnesses. Christine’s publicly revealed therapy notes differed from what was written in the letter to Senator Feinstein — that sloppily written letter, with poor grammar, raises serious questions. Most certainly they couldn’t have been drafted by an educated PhD. Both the contents of her therapy notes and the content in the letter to Feinstein were inconsistent with Christine’s testimony to the Senate panel during her testimony. Most notably, the years of the alleged attack kept changing, the number of witnesses at the alleged party kept changing, the date of the party was unknown, how she got to and from the party was unclear, etc.

In a July 6 text to the Washington Post, Christine said the alleged attack occurred in the ‘mid 1980s. In her July 30 letter to Senator Feinstein, she said it happened in the early 80s. Christine’s August 7th statement to the polygrapher said that it happened one high school summer in early 80’s. Then she crossed out the word “early” for some unknown reason. A September 16 Washington Post article reported that Christine said it happened in the summer of 1982. A Washington Post article reported that notes from an individual therapy session in 2013 show her describing the assault as occurring in her late teens. But she also told the Post and the Senate Committee that she was 15 when the allegedly assault occurred. Those multiple statements are her collective list of lies; considered as her fourth lie.

Christine said she went to a therapist in 2012 with her husband, when Brett Kavanaugh’s name and the alleged party where she was sexually abused suddenly came to mind. She said that 2012 was when she told her husband that she wanted to have a second exit door installed in her house, because she was afraid of small confining areas, and because they only had one exit door from their home. However, according to the county construction records and their applications for a building permit, the second door was installed in 2008, long before she said she sought a therapist’s help in 2012. That is her fifth lie. The second door was installed to a separate room in the house, where a separate business doing research was renting that room, so the renters could enter and exit the residence without going thru the main house.

Christine said she went to the house where the party was being held from her country club, where she regularly practiced swimming and diving. She told the Washington Post that the party took place at more than 7 miles from her childhood home; that it was roughly a 20-minute drive from her childhood home. She now agrees that she was driven somewhere that night, either to the party or from the party or both, but has no memory of who drove her or when.

A house in suburban Chevy Chase, Maryland in 1982 would have had a bathroom on the first floor, why did she have the need to go up the stairs to the second floor to use the bathroom on that level; the second floor would normally have been off limits to high school students, who were having a party in a private home?

Why was the music playing in a closed bedroom on the second floor, when no one else was on that floor? Christine said that two boys who tried to sexually abuse her, pushed her in the closed bedroom, and turned up the music volume, so no one would be able to hear the sexual attack by 2 very drunk boys. She actually told her therapist the attack was perpetrated by four boys, not two.

She said she left the house without warning her very good girlfriend, Leland Keyser, on the first floor about the dangers she would face, if she remained at the house party with two drunken boys who previously sexually abused her. Leland who Christine said was at the same party, said she never met Brett Kavanaugh, and was not at the party.

Christine’s polygraph exam was taken on August 7th right after Senator Feinstein received the July 30th letter (she probably had polygraph conducted because Democrats planned to use her public testimony to derail Judge Kavanagh, and needed something to corroborate her allegation, since there was no proof). Polygraphs are never admitted as evidence in trials, because they are unreliable. Polygraph sessions normally take from 30 minutes minute to one hour. The normal procedures followed to conduct an unbiased polygraph is to start with a number of questions to obtain truthful responses, leading up to the primary questions which were the purpose for conducting the polygraph. The veracity of the testimony is determined, by analyzing the polygraph print out.

Christine’s polygraph session consisted of 2 simple questions. She was asked if the paragraph she was reading out loud about the alleged party where she was sexually abused, was written by her, and if she believed that information was true. The person who administered her polygraphed is normally engaged by Attorneys who represent the Democrat Party, and one of Soros’s front organizations — her attorneys refused to release the video of the polygraph interview, or share the printout of the polygraph printout.

In a written declaration released Tuesday and obtained by Fox News, an ex-boyfriend of Christine Blasey Ford, directly contradicted Christine’s testimony under oath last week that she had never helped anyone prepare themselves for a polygraph examination (that was her 6th lie). He further claimed that Ford never voiced any fear about flying (even while aboard a propeller plane) and had no problem living in a “very small,” 500 sq. ft. apartment with only one door, contradicting Christine’s claims that she could not testify promptly in D.C. because she felt uncomfortable traveling on planes, as well as her suggestion that her memories of Kavanaugh’s alleged assault prompted her to feel unsafe living in a closed space or one without a second front door.

Christine’s attorney, Debra Katz, was referred to her by the extremely Progressive Senator, Diane Feinstein. Debra Katz is one of George Soros’ attorneys who was even referred to Christine before Sen Feinstein told the Senate panel, that she Co-Chairs, of the allegation made by Christine in her July 30th letter. Nearly 50 days after Feinstein received that letter she told the Republican members of the committee. The attorney she was referred to, actually works for, and is being paid by one of George Soros’s front organizations. Christine’s attorney helped her set up 3 Go Fund Me Pages, and Christine has received over $1 million in donations, as a reward for her allegation against Brett Kavanaugh.

There is also concerns that Christine and her father have been associated with former CIA Director John Brennan, and as part of the Deep State, Brennan’s fingerprints are all over the character assassination plot to crucify and destroy Judge Kavanaugh. Further, Christine’s brother, Ralph Blasey III, worked for the International Law Firm of Baker & Hostetler, the firm that created Fusion GPS. Hillary paid Fusion GPS to create the fake Steele Dossier that used to obtain FISA Warrants to wiretap the Trump Tower and to spy on members of the Trump Presidential Campaign.

As we have seen, Christine Ford’s testimony had been peppered with misleading statements, inconsistencies, misleading half-truths, and numerous outright listed lies. Her testimony failed to clear up the many questions that were being asked prior to her testimony. The political-left and liberal mainstream media establishment stated that Leftist Progressive Professor, Christine Blasey-Ford’s, inconsistencies, her failure to provide corroborating information, her unsubstantiated lies, and her misleading statements. At the same time the Democrats and the pro-abortion crowd did everything they could to smear and destroy a brilliant jurist whose many decisions as a U.S. Appellant Court Justice, were affirmed by the Supreme Court.

Despite six prior FBI Background Investigations all had have been ignored by Democrat Senators, Progressive Marxists, Planned Parenthood, and the mainstream media. Further, Democrat Senators warned Republican Senators not to bully Christine who was alleged to be the victim of sexual abuse, and they put the fear of God in Republican Senators, which led them not to question her; they were bullied into being “Politically Correct”, and allowed sex crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell to question her. She should have been asked some very specific questions to clear up the above listed the holes in her testimony, and confront her 6 lies, and question her obvious inconsistencies. Republicans did not dispute Christine’s testimony or her uncorroborated charge that has no credibility.

Judge Kavanaugh testimony before the Senate Confirmation Hearings over a two week period went extremely well, and his qualification to sit on the Supreme Court was considered beyond sterling. His rebuttal of the sexual abuse charge was supported by the evidence he presented. Democrats, Establishment Rhinos, Planned Parenthood, and Progressives Marxists insisted that Judge Kavanaugh must go thru a 7th FBI Background Investigation. Even when the FBI cleared Judge Kavanaugh for a 7th time this week, the Democrats, Progressive Marxists, Planned Parenthood, and the liberal media will continue to try to obstruct him, and derail his appointment to the Supreme Court.

On October 2nd, the family home of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, was attacked by over 200 left-wing protesters, many wearing masks, shouting profane slogans, waving signs, and throwing calendars, bricks, and bottles at his property. Judge Kavanaugh was in Washington, DC.  His wife and two beautiful daughters vacated the premises and are currently housed in an unknown location for their own safety. The violent demonstrations are being supported and paid for by George Soros.

After a careful review of all of the evidence presented by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford in her Senate testimony about her accusation of the alleged sexual assault by Brett Kavanaugh against her, Sex Crimes Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell released a report which completely exonerated Judge Kavanaugh of the sexual assault. She stated the allegation is so weak, that no criminal charge could ever be brought.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine and Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia announced their support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court Friday afternoon, effectively assuring his confirmation. Taking the Senate floor Collins expressed hope that the judicial confirmation process — long in decay by the infestation of partisanship and outside interference — has finally hit rock bottom. She criticized Democrats for announcing their opposition to Kavanaugh just moments after his nomination was announced at the White House. After speaking at length about the judge’s judicial record, Collins expressed her admiration for the #Me-too movement, but concluded that the allegations marshaled against Kavanaugh were not sufficient to stop his confirmation. Likewise, Collins said; “I do not believe that these charges can fairly prevent Judge Kavanaugh from serving on the Court,” referring to Dr. Christine Blasey Ford allegations of sexual misconduct against the nominee. Prior to her comments and remarks, Collins had lunch Friday with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who left their meeting expressing optimism about Kavanaugh’s confirmation process. But what must be understood is that her commentary was not an emotional speech, it was an argument rooted in reason.

Moments after Collins left the floor, Manchin put out a statement announcing his support for Kavanaugh. Manchin as well known is one of several Democratic incumbents standing for reelection in November in a state President Donald Trump carried in 2016. Manchin noted, “I do hope that Judge Kavanaugh will not allow the partisan nature this process took to follow him onto the Court.” Following here comments, Republicans lavished praise on Collins’ speech, casting it in the tradition of Sen. Margaret Chase Smith, a Republican who risked her considerable political standing to oppose the nominations of Clement Haynsworth and G. Harrold Carswell to the Supreme Court. Haynsworth and Carswell, both Nixon nominees, were defeated for confirmation. In sign of further support, President George H. W. Bush sent a rare tweet expressing his admiration for Collins. The Bush family owns a vacation compound in Collins’ state of Maine. And so with that, the contentious and divisive debate is over. Kavanaugh will be confirmed to the U.S. Supreme Court when the full Senate convenes on Saturday…finally…

American citizens have been witnessing the corruption of both the U.S. Senate Confirmation process for selection of a Supreme Court Justices, and the destabilization of the U.S. Senate by partisan politics, along with America’s political process. We can say thanks again to the Democrat Party, the political-left, Marxist Progressives, and the mainstream media, by way of once again scheming, contriving, and attempting to manipulate political events by lying, strong arming and creating fake witnesses, and just plain making shit-up!

What the Progressive-left and the mainstream media did to the U.S. Senate, once recognized as the world’s most famous and trusted deliberating body, by the attempting to crucify Judge Kavanaugh and destroy his reputation was perpetrated by the disgraceful actions of the Democrat Party, most Senate Democrat members and even some republicans, along with Planned Parenthood — they should be ashamed and disgraced and America must ensure they are well aware of their horrendous, horrific and despicable actions. They must also understand the freak show that they’ve unleashed is beginning to hurt them — and the November Ballot Box is the best place to initiate the necessary action, needed to correct their disgusting behavior.

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