While other parents take a nonchalant approach, other parents do the opposite. They ignore obvious warning signs, hoping it’s a phase their kids will grow out of. I’ve talked with moms and dads who couldn’t believe the alarms they missed — a pot-smoking son coming home glassy-eyed and wanting to devour every snack in the house, an alcoholic daughter returning on weekend nights and vomiting on the front lawn.

The worst nightmare for many parents is to see the defiance from a loving child they adore and love unconditionally. Teenage tendencies can become unbearable when your child becomes — a kid who makes his/her own decisions, through life, ignoring everything he/she’s been taught, refusing to abide by any rules, causing chaos when he/she is not heard or as we say when they don’t get their own way.

Welcome to this week’s DrStem show where we are talking about the truths, the pains, the joys of raising today’s teenagers. I also want to introduce you to my brand new book “ Parenting teens”- Dealing with Love-Life, Mental Health, Suicide, Alcohol, Drugs and more.

As parents I have no doubt you often feel like spinning plates. If one more thing is added, you’ll crash into pieces, your teens are no different. They are over scheduled. Academics, athletics and school activities exhaust them. These demanding pressures fill their lives, while they juggle to maintain their friendships and hobbies. Enjoy the tips to help you better support yourself and your teens during this challenging and exciting time.

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