The Top Stories – North Korea & Iran Firing Missiles, Kim Jong-un fires short range missiles into the Sea of Japan⏤how will this impact ongoing negotiations? Should we be more concerned with Iran launching ballistic missiles in the Middle East? Both of these countries dominate the Trump Foreign Policy. UK Teresa May is out, Boris Johnson is in. Should we be expecting any change in foreign policy from the United Kingdom? Does this signal a more rapid move towards BREXIT? Supreme Court gives Trump the go-ahead on border wall. A major victory at the Supreme Court as the justices lifted a lower court order blocking a key part of his plan to expand the border wall with Mexico. Trump Ramps Up Attacks on Fox News For Poll Showing Him Down to Biden: ‘NO WAY’ I’m Losing! Have we not learned our lessons with polls yet? Ilana Freedman is a veteran intelligence analyst, political commentator and host. Jim McCay is a Political Analyst, Commentator and Radio Producer.

The Influence of Cartels in America – Former Mexican cop illegally in US indicted for trafficking enough fentanyl to kill 10 million people. 16 Camp Pendleton Marines arrested by NCIS for alleged human smuggling and drug offenses. Is this just the tip of the iceberg, how much influence, how large of a network do these cartels have within the United States? Dr Ron Martinelli, is a retired police detective, a forensic criminologist, and a national voice known as the “expert’s expert.” 

Dems Double-Down on Impeachment and Mueller’s Debacle Lends itself to the End of the Deep State – Just how dumb does Mueller think the American people tuned into the hearing really are? The “not in my purview” became comical after the 20th time! What are we to make of this one side doubling down and the other side claiming victory and end to the deep state? Col Jim Waurishuk is retired from USAF, he is a career senior intelligence and special missions officer, he served as Deputy Director for Intelligence for U.S. Central Command and has worked on the White House National Security Council. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and best-selling author.

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