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The latest allegations of sexual misconduct by Judge Roy Moore carry a very significant stench. I, of course, don’t know if there is a shred of truth to them, and neither does anyone else except the accuser and the accused. No one has said he had sexual intercourse with them. What is so very bothersome to me is the timing. This has the trademark Clinton “release damaging information just before voters decide in critical elections” stench. This democratic playbook has been seen time after time in recent years, it was done to George Bush with the drinking and drugs revelations; it was done to Romney with the tax allegations and the fake paying women less allegations; and it was done to Trump with all of the last minute salacious leaks, and claims, and with the infamous fake dossier.

It is not lost on me that not one, but FOUR women have come forward with strikingly similar claims, all claiming this abuse, or harassment happened when they were young and some 40 years ago. How convenient for the democrats, who are so desperate to add that one more Senate seat to be sure that Trump and the American people’s agenda does not pass. It is just as disturbing to me that so many Republicans jumped on the bandwagon, saying how disgusting these allegations are and that Judge Moore needs to step down. This without a shred of evidence. John McCain and others did not even call for calm heads and to wait until facts come out before condemning Judge Moore. With friends like that, you don’t need enemies. He is purposely handing away Republican votes with his “convict before trial” attitude. I would guess that if someone came out with allegations about him he would hope his colleagues would not write him off as fast as he has done to his own colleagues.

Also disturbing is that the Washington Post came out with this story. That they managed to find 4 women with this story, to make these accusations, out of the millions of women in the country is just beyond credibility. Four women who said nothing during Judge Moore’s long career. Four women who said nothing when he became a Judge, or when he ran in the primary against Luther Strange. Nope, they all suddenly remembered at the same time, just before the vote, and after it was too late to replace his name on the ballot. What a coincidence. This is wag the dog, where the press wants to forward their political agenda at the cost of someone’s reputation, because Jeff Sessions seat is critical to both parties and the Republicans had a lock on that seat, so desperate measures were called for. At least one of these women is a democratic operative. What are the chances?

This is evil, and unethical, and unfair to all of us in the country served by the press and the politicians.

In the case that it is possible that these abuses did take place, and no one knows the truth, why did none of the four say a word until now? They have had 40 years to feel the pain of their experience. 40 years to report it, write about it, confront Ray Moore about it. It is just too convenient and transparent right now, at this moment in time. The electorate are not always as informed as they could and should be, and they hear the sound bites and change their mind. That is the plan, that is the hope, and that is the disservice to we the voters. The elections are being manipulated, we are being manipulated, and sadly it often works, and we are worse for it.

It seems to be the new flavor of the day to come out with accusations that destroy people’s lives and careers. As a woman, it is frustrating to me. Many of these men did commit abuses and are sexual predators. They should be reported, they should receive their just due for despicable behaviors that are inexcusable. Many of these predators use their power and status to use and abuse others. But those women, and men, and children, who are the victims of the abuses need to speak up at the time, not years later. Otherwise they enable the predators to abuse more people and to me, their failure to speak up empowers the abuser and enables the next person to become a victim and the cycle continues and often escalates.

The case with Harvey Weinstein is a perfect example. So many were his victims, so many knew about him and his predation, yet only one person ever spoke up. We don’t always have a choice when abuse happens, such as forcible rape. But as women, we have a choice to not go into a hotel room to have a drink with a powerful producer, or to stick around when he asks for a massage, or touches you or himself. When the warning lights are blinking, we have some responsibility to pay attention. When dozens of people claim abuse at the hands of a Weinstein or a Kevin Spacey all at one time, we have a problem. It should have been stopped long before there can be so many victims. Women do bear some responsibility for the choices they make, and for those who knew and said nothing, their hands are dirty as well as the perpetrators. Responsibility is not a one way street.

With a plethora of sexual abuse claims being leveled in the media, the public cannot easily know what is true and what is not. Those who stand to gain count on that.

In the case of Judge Moore, who is not in my state, nor a man I know much about, the accusations reek of democrats riding this wave of current public outrage, and throwing out a Hail Mary to cause a shift in the balance of power in this country. My hope is the voters in Alabama see through this ploy and vote as they would have before this unsubstantiated story came out. If there is truly a crime that was committed it will come out, and he would be removed from the Senate, but we cannot allow the MEDIA to destroy a man and his career and our path to making America great again. Then it can happen to any of us at any time. The more they get away with these dishonest methods of changing the course of history using lies and deceit and gotcha politics, the more we will see of it in future elections. I can tell you that if I were the victim of a sexual predator, it would not be the Washington Post I would be calling. Like I said in the beginning, this has a stench that is offensive to rational people’s sensibilities. Don’t buy into whatever ugliness is behind that stench.

IMAGE: (AP Photo/Montgomery Advertiser, Mickey Welsh)

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