The Quality of Life in California Plummets; here is the cost of your VOTE!

If we go back to Jerry Brown’s first term as Governor, where he effectively began the bankrupting of the state with the generous pension plans granted to state employees and so many others, you can see the beginning of the end. The taxpayers cannot keep up the debt created in the pension system by so many who do their time, then get a pension as high or higher than the wages they made when employed, AND still have to pay the new people working in that position and their pensions. It is fiscally impossible.

The state makes the most bizarre financial decisions as to how to spend taxpayer income, and has no benefit for those who pay the taxes. Then they find new ways of taxing. The question I pose to you today: What does it cost you, the taxpaying Californian to vote for the Democrats?

As a Californian, I paid $3800.00 per year more in gas than I do in Texas, and that is if I drive the same amount and I don’t. Californians pay not only outrageous overtaxed fuel prices, but it all goes to waste while sitting in hours of traffic each day. The money is supposed to go to the road infrastructure, and heaven knows there are work people everywhere blocking up the roads, but nothing gets better. What is the cost to your health to sit in traffic for hour upon hour every day; because your money for roads and infrastructure is being used to prop up fat pensions and illegal immigrants?

Over a billion dollars and 3 years was spent on the 91/15 interchange in Southern Calif and it is worse than ever, there is literally no improvement.

Your tax money is going to the train to nowhere. The government funded machine that is handling the Bullet Train is enormous, expensive, and a waste for a small stretch of train track through rural Calif, not through any portion where it will actually help commuters or businesses, all as quid pro quo for the Calif Senator who got the train in his district as his reward for voting for Obamacare. To date, 9.5 billion dollars in bonds and 3.5 billion from Obama have done nothing. Think what California could have done with those dollars.

Californian’s pay over 9% in most places as sales tax. They pay around 9% of their income as state income tax. There are fees upon fees for everything you do, vehicle registration, building fees, inspection fees, smog fees, and that list goes on and on. If you can think of it, they have taxed it and regulated it, bloating the government payroll and pension system beyond comprehension. Someone in California government has their greedy hands in everything you do. When we moved out of California, and registered our vehicles in Texas, and noticed the state we were doing so, they went into our bank accounts and took the money for our registration. Without notice, without due process, and wrongly. The time and runaround to get our money back is criminal. How does this happen that they can suck your money out of your account, when your vehicle has been gone for a year? It is their inefficiency which costs all of us time and money every day.

As a democrat supporter in California, what does it cost for prop 47, which reduced certain drug possession felonies to misdemeanors? It also requires misdemeanor sentencing for petty theft, receiving stolen property and forging/writing bad checks when the amount involved is $950 or less. When people break into your home, car, business, steal your property, they get a ticket. When they are taking drugs and selling them to your child, they get a ticket.

Dr Ron Martinelli wrote an article this week on why California is becoming a Third World Country. Also catch VIEWPOINT This Sunday, the Feb 4th show, where DrRon elaborates on this subject. As his wife and the “family” he left California with, we have many discussions about California and its downward spiral.

What does it cost you for the state to spend 33 billion dollars a year of your tax money for ILLEGAL immigrants and services to them. You the taxpayer are paying not for the legal hardworking citizens of the United States in California, but for those who broke our laws to come here and enjoy the fruits of your labor ahead of you and your family.

What does it cost you to have the state diminish your 2nd amendment rights, as the democrats do everything they can to limit your ability to own, much less carry, a gun. What does it cost to be unable to effectively protect yourself and your family? Possibly your life! And how many of you have paid the price for California letting so many felons out of prison because they cannot manage their prison system, only to cause harm to innocent Californians again? What does it cost you now to not only have to pay for the permit to buy a gun, but  pass an additional background and pay another permit fee to buy ammo for it? Criminals get their guns and ammo on the street and have to pay nothing for it!

What does it cost to raise the minimum wage under the foolish and irresponsible guise of making life better for the entry job employee? It has cost massive layoffs and the closure of some fast food chains, and the automation of others. The job market was made worse, not better. Now there is no job, instead of a better paying job.

The cost of your water and the serious mismanagement of the acquisition of water and of maintenance of the dams and reservoirs has created a serious problem for those who grow crops. It affects all of the prices of food, and it has endangered the lives of people in the path of failing dams. The price of water is so extremely high, growers are abandoning certain crops in favor of crops needing less water.

What is the cost to citizens whose rights are put behind the rights of illegals? The UC system in California is giving 27 million dollars to allow illegals to go to college for free, while those who work and pay taxes and live here legally have to pay. The illegals are given more rights than you the voting citizen.

Speaking of which, the state is on track to allow illegal aliens to VOTE in state elections, and has already approved that felons can vote. Police are ordered not to cooperate with ICE, nor to ask about status unless there is a violent felony. The cost to each and every Californian will be enormous, and the loss of Federal funds will further sink California into the abyss.

What does it cost you in San Francisco, San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, Santa Barbara to have tent cities of homeless people outside the door to your Million dollar home, in your parks, on the overpasses, on the streets and have nothing being done about it. There are needles, and trash and urine and drugs. Children can’t walk or play, your property values plummet, and tourism suffers.

While California is drowning in the quicksand of the most useless, misdirected group of legislators I have ever seen, said legislators spend their time on making laws to fine restaurants for giving you a straw, or a store for giving you a bag, or how to charge you for every mile you drive, or decriminalizing child prostitution. The list of ridiculous laws in the individual cities is a whole article in itself. Suffice it to say, the California legislators have forgotten who they work for. They have put the illegals, the criminals, the non contributors above the business owners and the working legal citizens of this country and it is disgusting.

California legislators have nothing better to do than to pass laws prohibiting anyone from faking orgasms, or make it illegal for animals to mate 1500 feet from a school or place or worship, or enforcing single user bathrooms, infringing on our privacy, or fining people in nursing homes for using the incorrect gender to refer to someone who wants to be referred to as another gender, or assign heavy fines for not controlling your cow’s flatulence (sending dairy farmers out of state). This is what you are paying your elected democrats to do. What cost to law enforcement to enforce these ridiculous laws?

Your democratic vote has sent business owners running to other states. It has turned the tide in California where there are more people on the dole, than paying into such dole, and that is a recipe for financial disaster.

The easy on crime democrats have created communities so dangerous you can’t walk the streets. The sanctuary state will break the financial back of California, at the expense of those who are citizens, who pay for their taxes and their education and medical benefits. The tax base is disappearing while every democrat voter and the power hungry politicians literally watch Rome burn.

What can save California? Your vote to put people in government with the moxie to do the things that need to be done to save the state. It won’t be popular, but it is necessary, and I don’t think it will ever happen. When there are more people taking from the system than giving to the system, failure is inevitable. Californians who stay live in la la land, in a state of denial and a stupefying naiveté of real cause and effect consequences. The Californians who see it, are leaving. Jerry Brown in his terms as governor has ruined a beautiful and prosperous state for the foreseeable future and like lemmings, the democratic voters and legislature follow into the abyss. Common sense has been lost in California, and it makes me so very sad.

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