If a community has serious problems with the law and how its enforced, perhaps they should aim their wrath peacefully at their local politicians, especially the Liberal ones who made up the laws they don’t like, not at the police officers who have to enforce them.

A policeman on duty sets about on his daily shift following a squad briefing. They know what to expect and have been trained how to deal with the multiple situations they may encounter in a day, or a year or in an entire lifetime. Meeting and passing POST standards are required before any new policeman starts their job. That training is reinforced by frequent upgraded sessions based on new techniques, new ideas and lessons learned by the errors of other departments that brought negative attention to themselves with shoddy work. Minneapolis comes to mind.

After the LA Watts riot in 1965, I was often approached by civilians who told me how much they appreciated how we bravely faced the rioters, the fears we must have endured and how they really understood our situation. But, they didn’t even remotely understand the situation. A fellow officer told one such admirer, he really “didn’t want her thanks, he wanted her cooperation.”  

That riot was shortly followed by the Univ. of California, Berkley “Free Speech” movement based on entirely different issues. Even law enforcements approach to the two incidents were entirely differently. The motive for the LA Watts riots was basically mirrored by the Minneapolis George Floyd incident now bedeviling us, ie: law enforcement vs. a black, low level street criminal resisting arrest. Berkley’s riots were college students, mostly white, using Mario Savio’s “Free Speech” issue as a tool to challenge both the draft and continuance of the Vietnam war. 

Those Berkley rioters are today’s college professors turning out radical morons like AOC and the other Democrat Congresspersons trying to destroy what they’ve been taught, that America is, and has always been, an unfair, slave owning society of white people that refuses to recognize the rights of other races.

They’ve learned from the Cloward-Piven syllabus of social disruption, implemented by Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals. So, now our streets are filled by rioters of all races demanding social changes but blaming police racism for the ills they experience at the hands of Liberal politicians who pretend to speak for them. Police are not there to correct social problems, but keep the streets safe from criminals. They only ask for our cooperation.

Criminals are defined by the laws politicians enact. In gun hating communities, for examples, most of us will become criminals if we failed to give up possession of our guns. Our compliance is the key to a totalitarian society and Americans won’t have it. Society will always need a controlling police force, some type of authority to stabilize how we live together.

The question is, just what kind of police force do we want? We’ve seeing the Democrats new Storm Troopers, the Antifa’s and the Black Lives Matter hoodlums in action in Seattle now. They’re out there, waiting and ready to go when called for. And if Joe Biden wins, they’ll have tanks too!  

Reform of the already restricted police is not the solution. Societal reform is called for. If a majority of rioters are black youths, what’s that tell us? A fatherless home where behavior, once the responsibility of parents, goes unchecked. But wait, didn’t the “It Takes a Village” crowd take that responsibility away from black parents? Did not the Democrat Party enact welfare rules that eliminated the male head of a household if government welfare was wanted?

Ronald Reagan knew it! He said government was the problem.

Let’s return responsibility for a rioters bad behavior back to the parents, not the police or social workers.

Sending parents to jail should do it!

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!