Hurricane Irma brought a lot of panic, fear and a rush to prepare for safety and preservation of life. We also saw a rise of people openly praying for divine intervention because we realized that anything that can go wrong, might go wrong with this anticipated high winds storm. Florida was kind of spared. Join me as we talk about overcoming Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey and all of life’s storms with Prophet Ricardo McCallum of Desired Word Ministry in Orlando, Florida. In this show you will realize that some people see storms as a puzzle to solve. Some see storms as an opportunity to grow. Others see storms as threats. Still others see storms as meaning they cannot succeed. Your view of barriers to achieving your goals affects how you react. Today’s show is about how we can overcome Hurricanes. It is not the storms or how powerful the hurricanes that matter, it is how we deal with them and how we see each storm and it’s meaning.

Prophet McCallum says “ All storms are good”. They are not meant to stay but to pass through and pass over. He says they come to do two main things: uproot and remove all those things that are not supposed to be in your life and Rebuild/Replenish things that you are supposed to have and need in your life. Storms are good, he said, they are meant to shift you into the right place that you are supposed to be – so that you can receive the very things that you dream of and pray for.

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IMAGE: Rising waters. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)