For fifty-eight out of the sixty or so centuries of human civilization, the idea of progress would have been totally alien to all members of our species. 

What is progress? Progress implies purposeful movement from a point of departure to a point of destination, usually thought of in this context as superior to the point of departure.

The idea that human societies were “progressing” in the above sense derives solely from the TECHNOLOGICAL progress of the last two centuries and nothing else. Technological progress has always been with us humans, but it saw several periods of rapid expansion and acceleration. Most of these periods, such as the invention of the wheel, of bronze, of iron, and of steel were widely spaced on the axis of time and thus caused only minimal changes in how civilized humans perceived human history. 

The invention of the steam engine, the internal combustion engine, and the harnessing of the electron for energy and communications, all done in the space of less than two centuries, changed all of that. The rate of technological progress had become so extreme, so intra rather than inter-generational, that this progress, i.e. the technological one, gave birth to the idea of progress as we understand it today, i.e. human or sociological progress.

For no reason whatsoever and in direct negation of all historical data, rapid technological progress gave birth to the ideology of progressivism, an ideology that assumes a phenomenon of human betterment through time and wishes to facilitate this betterment.

To illustrate the ridiculousness of this notion, ask yourself if you feel superior as a human being to your parents, your grandparents, or, say, to George Washington. I don’t know about you, but I certainly do not feel anything of the sort. Human beings are what we are, which is to say, what the Creator had made us. Our nature is immutable, unchanging. We do not “progress”.

Since the notion of human progress is so easily proven to be utterly false, the question arises how is it that the progressive movement, the notion of progressivism, has gained such prominence from the late 19th century and through this very day.

The answer to this question is not very difficult to find. A quick sleight of hand is all it took to convince many if not most of us and especially the younger generations that just because previous generations led less comfortable lives (an arguable notion at best), they were somehow less evolved as human beings. Apparently, it was not that difficult to convince a millennial that the iPhone in her hand makes her far superior human being as compared to her own grandmother.

This little trick allowed the cynical people who have used the hoax of progress to manipulate the masses to amass nearly unheard of riches and power. And who are these hoaxers? They are people like Lenin, Hitler, Mao, Bloomberg, Obama, the Bushes, the Clintons, and all of the tech oligarchs. 

What these people do is a cheap mind trick: “see how we all have things that our parents didn’t have,” they say, “well, that’s called progress. If you want more of that,” (“YES, PLEASE!” yell the masses,) “you must give us the power to guide you to a more progressive future.”

The hoaxers then define a set of so-called “progressive values”, which all amount to really only one thing: the abandonment of individualism, the nuclear family, and the nation, in favor of collectivism. Since the collective must have managers and since the hoaxers are the managers, all they have to do then is make bank with the riches and power surrendered to them by the duped masses. 

Beyond the hardly unprecedented elevation of unscrupulous at best and murderous at worst individuals to positions of vast power, the progressive hoax is insidious because it gives rise to a multiplicity of other exceedingly harmful hoaxes, because it destroys the foundation of all human life, which is the nuclear family, and finally because it causes human beings to become measurably dumber, i.e. to actually REGRESS.

To illustrate these points, just think of the climate hoax and the COVID-19 hoax, both of which are the spawn of the progressivism super-hoax developed in their entirety to scare people into compliance with the progressive dogma.

The destruction of the nuclear family (and with it of organized religion) is a cornerstone of the progressivist super-hoax because family defines us as individuals and gives us an inter-generational frame of reference. It is hard to believe in “progress” when you are close to your parents and grandparents and when you know full-well that far from being inferior to you, you should be so lucky as to live up to them and their expectations. 

Organized religions, especially the three Abrahamic ones, promote individualism by asserting that each individual human being receives from the Creator a precious gift; an immortal and moral soul. This gift is not given to collectives; it is given to individuals. It cannot be improved by “progress”, because it is already perfect. In fact, it can only be tarnished by us and our silly and sinful behaviors. This notion is anathema to the progressives, which is why they go out of their way to destroy religion. 

The dumbing down part of progressivism is not a side effect. It is done purposefully because smart people who know anything about their own as well as world history cannot possibly believe in anything as clearly wrong as the idea of human progress. A cursory knowledge of history shows us that people like Julius Caesar and Benjamin Franklin were as smart and accomplished as anyone living today if not actually much more so.

The rewriting of American history to redefine the American Founding Fathers, who were among the most perfected human beings who had ever lived, as somehow flawed and in need of “progressing” is easily understood once we grasp the entire idea of “progress” as the mother and father of all hoaxes. 

There can be little doubt that an average American, transported, in the fashion of the Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court, back to 1776, would have a heck of a time staying alive, let alone thriving in that environment. Python programming skills or knowledge of crypto currency trading would avail one very little in the early days of the American Republic. The opposite, however, is far from true. A 1776 American magically transported to our own troubled times would do just fine. He or she would be skilled in farming, shoemaking, sewing, self-defense with a variety of bladed weapons and firearms. After a short adjustment period, these people could easily find work on farms, open restaurants, or engage in the manufacture of exquisite handmade goods. There is also little doubt that an average 1776 American was far better educated than his modern counterpart and much better able to withstand hardship and thrive in the face of long odds. 

Viewed from this angle, it is clear that not only has there been no “progress” as far as humanity is concerned, the progressivist super-hoax resulted in a very real regress of the human condition. This movement has managed to make all of us, though some more than others, weaker and dumber than even our very recent ancestors. 

Progress is not a good thing. In fact it is not even a “thing”. It is simply a hoax, which is used by very bad hombres, as Trump might have put it, to make us all into pack animals, no different than the 9V batteries in the Matrix trilogy. 

It is imperative that we understand that technological “progress” has nothing to do with human progress and, perhaps less intuitively, nothing to do with “bettering” our lives. Just because smartphones offer us convenient access to communications and information, just because modern medicine can alleviate our suffering, it does not follow that we lead happier, more fulfilling, or more productive lives than our ancestors. Quite on the contrary, few of us accomplish in a lifetime what our forefathers and mothers had accomplished in the first two decades of their lives. 

Taking the “red pill” is first and foremost understanding this point and striving with all our might to be more like our ancestors rather than less. It involves the deprogramming of the positive feelings associated with the notion of “progress” and understanding that science and technology have proven to be quite a mixed bag of blessings and curses, a bag that requires constant and close supervision by we the people less it overflows with tools that allow unscrupulous power grabbers to control our actions, thoughts, and even feelings, something that is already happening. 

Technology is not a blessing. Far from it, it can be the very thing that destroys humanity, though this thought is hardly original. If that is our eventual fate, it will not be nuclear tech that will destroy us, but rather the innocuous lines of conductive metals in a silicone matrix, which enable the so very few to control the masses of humanity and manipulate us towards our own destruction, as long as this feeds, albeit for a brief moment, their insatiable lust for power. 

If you wish to save your lives and the lives of your loved ones, go back in time. Research how your great grandparents lived, what skills they had, what they had believed in and make a conscious effort to be as much like them as humanly possible. All the “progress” that you are the “beneficiary” of for the last two or three generations is nothing but shackles. Unshackle yourself and be free.