You may or may not remember that on Sept 12th, 2018, President Trump signed Executive Order number 13848, which protects Americans from tyranny by foreign and domestic terrorists, protecting us at this historical and defining moment in time.

Then on June 22, 2020, President Trump tweeted:

President Trump knew the high probability that a coup was in place so he countered their criminal mischief and actions of vandalizing and de-legitimizing the voices of the American people.

He ensured this by the enactment and installation of creating the secret weapon, which the Department of Homeland Security actually controlled in the form of patented “official ballots” production, this product contains a non-radioactive isotope watermark on these “official ballots.”

On Tuesday, November 3, 2020, Americans empowered their voices through the right of resounding votes during what is known as the most important election in the history of America, but the echoing replies reverberating back were not met with the same energy of love and light as projected, as there was a demonic interception somewhere within the system.

We were expecting to witness a surge of an incoming red wave but instead were slapped in the face by a series of blue shadowy debacles from the lying, cheating, co-conspirators, fake news media, corrupted democrat politicians and their criminal henchmen and tricksters at voting polls.

As patriots re-elected the greatest President in American history, Donald J. Trump, who represents hope and prosperity, freedom, peace, jobs, new and innovative technologies, a better education system, business, and unification on a united front with a healing future for our brothers and sisters around the world.

So it was felt like a personal assault when the morally bankrupt democrats attacked the people’s favorite candidate and blocked President Trump’s voice on social media while withholding truths of incoming votes from all 50 states throughout America.

All across America, it has been witnessed that Trump-supporting ballots are being questioned.

Pollsters in mostly liberal pockets of the states were defiant and biased towards voters, not following the neutral rules of their duty stations and wearing Biden/Harris face masks and shirts, at some polling places, sharpie markers were being provided to voters so their votes for the Republican candidates could not be read by the computers counting the votes, and ultimately discarded.

Let this information serve as some inspiration in what seems for many as bleak days and know we are moving forward in the most positive ways.

Let’s remember that our great President is a mastermind of the Art of War, and has always kept his enemies closer, he never reveals his hand, and always plans ahead.

Just maybe his “secret weapon” is the Fourteenth Amendment, which allows the President to strip Electoral College votes from states supporting censorship against voters; enables mass arrests of mayors, governors, and judges who support BLM, ANTIFA and other terrorists, foreign and domestic.

Keep in mind, the patented WATERMARK on “official election ballots” are registered on a QFS blockchain to prevent fraud, so knowing how evil the Democrat party is, this system was developed to protect American voters.

Currently, the National Guard has been deployed to 12 targeted states, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin.

Have the democrats fallen into the trap of a major sting operation?

To be sure, it will take days to sift through the wreckage, but in the meantime, lawsuits are being filed, and evidence gathered.

Soon arrests will be made and just in time for our new Supreme Court Justice, Amy Coney Barrett, who secures the legal ability to move forward against any further corruption and criminality.

Insurmountable and illegal actions have taken place by Anti-American individuals, these are federal crimes, many of these instigators believe they will escape the wrath of what is to come, but I assure you, cameras were rolling and witnesses are accessing the political damage, that if went unaccounted for, would have changed the direction of our country and even the world.

The punishment of these crimes will be severe, in the days and weeks to follow, these corrupt bandits within the bureaucratic government, judicial system, mainstream, and social media platforms, and their street minions will fall upon their own swords.

This is the final takedown of evil that ruled over us. They have overestimated themselves through power-monger forms of greed and weaponized the despair they unleashed on the American people, who they have clearly underestimated.

Our American votes may have temporarily been displaced and only for a moment in time, but the Democrats will never steal the heart and soul of a reunited nation and its most powerful leader, President Donald J. Trump because the power and protection by the almighty have already ordained and blessed this union through a spiritual alliance within the heavens, that no man can take away.