The gifts President Trump has given to America are numerous. Lowering tax rates and putting more money in the pockets of Americans to spend as they see fit, rather than how Congress sees fit is certainly at the top of the list. Getting rid of crippling regulations so that Americans can get back to work and American factories and mining can jump start once again providing income and revitalizing communities is another gift. Also a gift is the renegotiation of NAFTA to USMCA and it was given to America, Mexico and Canada, although our do-nothing vindictive congress has refused to pass it.

Another important gift is the light President Trump has shown on the trade between the US and China and how China has been allowed by past administrations to take advantage of the United States and how they have been stealing our intellectual properties for decades. His commitment to Americans in changing this to be a more equitable trade arrangement benefits us all. He has worked tirelessly on this issue and he is winning.

The border wall has been a gift and will keep on giving for decades to come. This wall is the choice of the American people and despite every obstruction the democrats and activist judges have thrown in the way, President Trump is building the wall and illegal border crossings are heading down 70%.

The gift of Constitutional and conservative judges to the Supreme Court and to federal courts across the country is another gift that will honor America as the forefathers envisioned it.  This is a gift that will also last for decades and truly impact the lives of Americans and the path of America for years to come.

Additionally, there are gifts to Veterans of a better more responsive health care system to care for their needs; a stronger, better paid, well-funded and well-armed military to defend our beloved America. The gift to law enforcement and first responders of a Commander in Chief who supports them and has their back and who understands and values their jobs, their heroism and their contribution in society.

There are too many gifts given by President Trump to the American people to mention. Even those grinches who have such hatred for the President in their hearts are benefitting from his leadership as his gifts go to all Americans and do not discriminate in their recipients.

There is one gift this President has given the American people that stands above all else. 

This gift is one that is given freely and it is up to each and every American to receive it, open it and use it. It is the gift of a clear vision into the depth and breadth and darkness and festering scum that is in Washington DC, the media and too many political offices.

To open this gift and to understand the political lies, the fake news, the corruption and the downright meanness of the swamp dwellers is to be able to act to rid our political system and our media of the rancid corruption of Washington. To shine a spotlight on the filth that pervades our political system gives us the power to use our votes to change it and make a better America for not only our generation, but future generations.

The infestation of the swamp dwellers have been heretofore able to hide in the murky depths with their unethical behaviors and lawless acts being hidden and covered up. When President Trump was unexpectedly elected by good Americans, they were forced out of their comfortable swampy dwellings and their foul stench has reverberated throughout America.

Our responsibility in accepting this gift is to drain the swamp by voting out the swamp dwellers, by calling out the dishonesty, by demanding the dismissal of those partisans in the FBI, the courts, the congress and the Senate and all local, state and federal government offices who use their office to feather their nests instead of doing the work of the American people. 

The gift has been given to all of us as Americans. Will we choose to see it for the gift that it is; the illumination of the deep state and all of the self-aggrandizing political hacks that put themselves above the American people rather than act as a servant of the American people? Will we use the light of day to truly see into the dark recesses and corners of the Washington and state swamps and vote to throw them out to give our nation a better future? Will we see in this gift that politicians make one set of rules and benefits for themselves and another for us, and will we see that the lean towards socialism will make the swamp even deeper, darker and more deadly to our American way of life?

I am embracing this gift and it is one of the best I have ever received. President Trump has taken the unending blows from the swamp dwellers on behalf of the America people, and shines a floodlight on the depth and breadth of the swamp. Now we need to pull the plug on the political office abusers and watch them swirl down the drain as we replace them with patriots who love our country and abide by our constitution.

Image: Reuters