The White House Correspondent’s dinner is an annual tradition in D.C. “A roastest with the mostest”.

Unfortunately, their main target has declined an invitation for the past 3 years.

The WHY is simple. They aren’t worthy of President Trump’s presence.

For three years, many of these same correspondents have promulgated lies, innuendos and falsehoods, in a lame attempt to smear him before he got elected, and conspired through the media to spread the hoax of Russian collusion which has been entirely debunked. They offer no retractions and they continue to “double down”on a claim of obstruction of justice and no doubt, impeachment. Good luck with that.

The first year, he declined, after the “shock heard around the World” where they would probably have been spitting fire balls of hate, at the result.

There was no way he would accommodate that fiasco. 

Last year they took aim at Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. There is always a line where comedy is not funny anymore. They crossed it. Remarkably, they could care less.

This year, the dinner comes off the heels of the Mueller probe and AG Barr’s announcement that he will be investigating the investigators. A Boomerang is a bitch.

There’s no way he would show. President Trump is a master of irritating them to the nth degree. Bravo!

I have heard that their entree’ on Saturday night will be Crow, followed by just desserts.

Meanwhile, I wouldn’t be surprised if the President holds a rally for his supporters who will feast on his words!

Love.. RayRay and a Poem.

The Roast

They invited him
But he won’t go
To Be in the crosshairs
Of the flamers throw 

He faces fire
He won’t give in
To be their prey

They’ll put a target
On his head
To make sure that
Their Lion’s fed

While most Roasts
Are for comedy
Where you bite your tongue
And take the heat

This one comes
At such a time
Frankly it’s his choice
To decline

These Correspondent’s
May stomp and pout
That the one they sought
Has slithered out

But it’s not so bad
I have no doubt
Let them enjoy
Their dinner out

But this time
The tradition bent
The sitting duck
Will not relent 

So lick your chops
To your dismay
This time, this one
Got away

Written by RayRay 2/25/17