With things heating up in the Arabian Gulf and Iran upping the ante by seizing British-flagged ships in the Straight of Hormuz⏤steps calculated to be just short of creating an escalation resulting in open warfare against the West – it begs the question just who might be advising the Islamic Republic of Iran right now?

My guess is that the proverbial phone lines in recent days have been burning up between former Obama Administration Secretary of State John Kerry and the Iranian Foreign Minister. Particularly after the U.S. downed an Iranian drone that got a little too close to an American Naval warship in the Arabian Gulf.

Certainly John Kerry’s loyalties to the United States have always been suspect, dating all the way back to the Vietnam era. So it’s not hard at all to make the leap to suspecting him of advising the Iranian leadership on how best to deal with President Trump. Kerry’s massive ego aside, his hatred of President Trump has barely been concealed.

But Kerry’s shadow diplomacy efforts are not only a violation of the never prosecuted Logan Act, which’s begs the question why it’s never used, particularly in clear cut cases where a sitting administration is being undermined, such as what’s going on right now, but it is also contemptible. John Kerry should be seen doing a perp walk on the evening news instead of gallivanting around the world on his treasonous mission!

But we certainly shouldn’t stop at former Secretary Kerry. It’s reasonable to postulate that everything Kerry does is being communicated with and coordinated by Barack Obama. It’s difficult to believe that what has been going on behind the scenes between Kerry and the Iranians is simply a rogue effort on Kerry’s part. Kerry wouldn’t operate alone on such an important effort to Kerry and Obama.

It’s a pretty good bet that Barack Obama has been quietly behind the curtain pulling the levers and guiding the subversive negotiations with Iran. As well as leading the resistance against President Trump. Before Obama left office he was quoted as saying that “his work wasn’t done”. No doubt he fully intends to continue his efforts to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America.

President Trump needs to invite Barack Obama to the Oval Office for a ‘sit-down-come-to-Jesus’ talk about Obama’s efforts to undermine the Trump Presidency. My guess is that there’s more than enough evidence that has been uncovered to dangle in front of Obama as an ‘incentive’ for Obama to knock it off.

In the meantime there’s still Iran to deal with. Since it appears that Kerry may have been busy advising Iran I guess it’s alright if I also offer them a little friendly advice as well. It’s just the neighborly thing to do.

As a word of caution to the Islamic Republic, there’s a lot of us still around who remember what Iran did way back during the Carter Administration. And we’re still pissed Iran wasn’t asphalted way back then.

Don’t push us. Under the leadership of President Trump the United States isn’t the “paper tiger” it was when Jimmy Carter was in the White House. We’ll push back and Iran won’t like being knocked down and having their eyes blackened. And they can rest assured it won’t stop at that.

Just a little bit of friendly advice that the Islamic Republic of Iran would do well to heed. Image: REUTERS/Carlos Barria