President Trump, whom I love and admire for his courage, made two fatal errors, errors that stopped him from being the new Lincoln and saving America from herself.

First, he did not devote nearly enough attention to consolidating his power in Washington, focusing instead on doing so in places like Michigan. This was a cardinal mistake, one for which he is now paying by impotently watching as his votes in that state are being blatantly stolen from him. President Trump simply failed to realize that America elected him in 2016 in the last gasp, gave for him its last breath, pushed him across the finish line, and, like those marathon runners, lay there comatose waiting for him to do his thing. What he failed to grasp was that America did not have another real election in her; that the 2016 one was always going to be the last.

The second error, equally fatal, was becoming the best “economy” president of all time. A promise made, promise kept, right? Right, except that half of America didn’t give a damn. It turns out that the millennial generation has had its fill of three hundred dollar Kitchen Aid mixers that are only used as accessories to acres of gleaming Carrera marble countertops perched upon cherry wood cabinets. This generation wants nothing to do with its late boomer and Gen-X parents who spent their lives running in hamster wheels accruing zeroes in their bank account balances. This generation does not care about “good-paying jobs” or “lower taxes”. They care about “pronouns” and “inclusive speech” and “equality of outcomes”.

They care about these things because we all must care about things that are immaterial much more so than we can ever care about things that can be bought for dollars. They care about this nonsense because we, their parents, have never shown them the word of God because we have never bothered to find out what they were being taught in those public schools because we left God behind and served Mammon instead.

The human heart is not a luxury condo. It cannot be filled with designer furniture and Sub-Zero refrigerators with or without organic butter from Whole Foods. The human heart needs compassion, it needs truth, it needs a higher purpose.

We lost the election of 2020 when we replaced godliness and goodliness with goods. Now, we shall lose both. Allow me to explain.

What do we know of the economy of Lincoln, Massachusetts, or Lincoln, Nebraska a hundred years ago? I, for one, know nothing. I would imagine that when it came to material possessions, Americans living in both of these places then were much poorer than those who occupy them now. Other than that, I have no idea.

I don’t know what their federal and local tax rates were, what the unemployment rate looked like, or what the housing market was doing. I do know that nearly all of the residents of these places a century ago attended church services every Sunday and that when they left their homes, they very likely never bothered to lock the front door. I know that the children in both Lincolns played outside without fear of being preyed on by pedophiles. I know that the lives of the adults were filled by things like the love of their country and of their Lord, a love that they could never have imagined living without. 

The founding fathers left material possessions and the accrual thereof out of the justification for the act of rebellion against their mother country England and out of the foundations upon which they had founded their new fledgling country, the United States. They did not declare that all men had the right to property or money, but to life, liberty, and happiness.

The freedom to equitably conduct business dealings upon a level playing field provided by a system of laws passed by duly elected legislatures and guarded by an independent judiciary and a strong executive was certainly an important principle for the Founding Fathers, one that they enshrined in the Constitution. But this economic principle was, by design, subservient to the moral one. The Founding Fathers understood that while crushing poverty could limit both life and liberty and that it could certainly make the pursuit of happiness much more difficult, neither of these things depended upon material possessions and bank balances. The America they had envisioned and brought into the world was not designed to make them or any of its citizens rich. It was designed to make them (and keep them) free.

When Washington famously warned against foreign entanglements, he did so knowing full-well that it was precisely “foreign entanglements”, i.e. colonial possessions and the aggressive projection of military power overseas that had made England fabulously rich. But he also knew that such riches were paid for by the blood of common Englishmen who were sent to fight and to die in faraway lands for the enrichment of their ruling classes.

This was precisely what Washington wanted to avoid and yet it was precisely what had come to pass. From the First World War and to this day, America’s sons and daughters began to be loaded on ships and sent to fight for the financial interests of America’s newly emerging permanent ruling classes. They fought with valor in the muddy fields of Verdun and in the rice paddies of Vietnam. They stormed the atolls of the Pacific and the beaches of Normandy. They got blown up in their barracks in Beirut and in the mountain valleys of Afghanistan, but they never saw a dime of the riches that in doing so they had created for their masters in Washington DC.

This system in which a ruling class enriches itself from the blood and toil of the subservient classes, is, of course, the default state of human civilizations. It was also precisely that system that the American Founding Fathers had rebelled against and fought to defeat.

When, in the late 1960s and 1970s, mostly due to the Vietnam War, the American working classes became aware of the raw deal they had been forced to accept, they rebelled. Like almost often happens in history, their rebellion was immediately hijacked by two competing factions of the American elites; factions we now call “Republicans” and “Democrats”. 

Both factions sought to squelch the rebellion and subdue the masses so they could go back to work making them rich, but they differed in the means to that end. Democrats chose to protect themselves from the rage of the American people by sowing within them racial strife and setting those who were marginally poorer against those who were marginally better off. This was taken straight out of the old Bolshevik handbook. 

Republicans decided to redirect the attention of the crowd from the massive behemoth of the utterly unconstitutional and out of control federal government that was now serving only the ruling elites to the various shiny trinkets which they had collectively dubbed “the economy”.

Cue in “good-paying jobs”, split ranches, granite countertops, Hemi V8’s, and endless miles of aisles stuffed with “affordable” junk. And, of course, “low” taxes. This was the “economy” conjured up by the Republicans. And it worked. Yet in one aspect the Republican elites felt uncompetitive with their Democratic friends and colleagues. This aspect was the elusive “feel good” principle. Democrats were lagging in the granite countertops and double ovens department, but they sure knew how to have fun. In fact, they invented a whole new category of fun called “sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll”. 

Initially, the Republican country club patricians, who were themselves as debauched as the Democrats, felt that the masses should not be allowed such pastimes, but soon enough they said “to heck with it” and “what two consenting adults do behind closed doors” is none of our business after all.

This brings us to the Clinton age of “it’s the economy, stupid”. 

It turned out that when it comes to two-car garages and college funds, Republicans were far better than Democrats, which is why Clinton governed like a Republican. Problem solved? Not so fast.

When hardwood floors and wainscoting adorn every McMansion, when the total volume of the engines in the three-car garage is measured in cubic feet rather than inches, when all the sex is free and every four-letter word imaginable is blasting into the ears of America’s preteens from their two hundred dollar earbuds, when every brain-numbing chemical is decriminalized, that’s when, as it turns out, the “economy” has reached its limits as a political winner. 

It reached its limits because most of these things if not all of them are the enemies of happiness. The fullness of our hearts is inversely proportional to the fullness of our freezers with designer ice cream as was amply demonstrated by the demonic Pelosi. The residents of the two Lincolns today are simultaneously much wealthier and immeasurably more miserable than their great-great-grandparents had been. 

Each new possession, each new repetition of a four-letter word, each frivolous sexual act, each use of a brain-altering chemical has punched another hole in our hearts, and now, where once there was so much, there is nothing left.

But nature, as we know, abhors a vacuum, and into this hole where Americans’ hearts used to be, come the Democrats rushing in with their lies about race, sex, and (im)morality. Unlike the Republicans who had bet everything on the “economy”, the Democrats had a Plan B. While mom and dad were working for the Man, chasing like dogs on a race track the white rabbits of “401(k)s” and “investment portfolios”, the Democrats were busy filling their children’s empty spiritual carts with critical race theory and rank hatred for the American founding principles and Founding Fathers. 

When the Clintonite plan of beating the Republicans at their own game on the “economic” playing field had failed, the Democrats were ready with their other plan, their real plan, the plan to fundamentally transform America from the land of the free to the land of the virtue signalers and from the Constitutional Republic to a high-tech oligarchy.

To implement this plan, they only needed two generations of brainwashed Americans and now they have them. These generations pack the American halls of power and they are there to stay.

Image: Schaff NYT