Were President Trump and Rudy Giuliani looking for dirt on Joe Biden and his son Hunter? Probably. And honestly I don’t have a problem with it. I think it’s part of their job to be looking into the possible corruption of politicians running for office, even if it involves getting help from foreign countries. Corruption has become pervasive in our politics and we need to root it out.

Certainly any information provided by a foreign government needs to be well vetted, but all stones need to be overturned to ferret out corruption. Those who are so adamantly opposed to using whatever means necessary to uncover corruption might just have a corruption problem themselves. Or they are just playing party politics and trying to protect their own.

In fact, I’d rather learn about a politician with corruption issues when we can still do something about it before they’re elected, rather than after they are elected and they get well entrenched and it’s harder to get rid of them.

Or do we just allow them to get away with what’s been going on in our politics for decades, and have politicians enrich themselves and their families through their political influence and connections? I think not.

In addition, this kind of activity has been ongoing in American politics by all sides since our country’s founding. If it benefits your political party it’s called ‘opposition research’, if it supports your opponent’s party it’s called an impeachable offense. They all do it. 

For crying out loud Democrat Adam Schiff who is choreographing this farce now taking place in our nation’s capitol took a prank phone call from supposed Russians offering naked photos of Trump.

If we’re going to impeach Trump for something that all candidates have done throughout history⏤then every darn one of them should have been impeached, all the way back to George Washington.

Have the Russians (and many others) interfered in our politics and elections? No doubt. Just as we have done our level best to interfere⏤in fact even overthrow governments throughout history that we weren’t particularly fond of. This record and threat of foreign interference alone in my mind is a perfect argument for strict voter registration and voter ID laws, in order to protect the integrity of our elections.

What has been and is taking place has been the most successful ‘covert action/covert influence’ operation against the United States by the Russian intelligence, heck, by any country that I have ever seen. 

The Russians have turned our government and political discourse on its ear, and have kept our president and elected officials from doing important work on behalf of we the people. Or to the detriment of our enemies like Vladimir Putin. 

Which has exactly been their goal and what they’ve achieved. Ole Vladimir has been laughing his butt off in the Kremlin for at least the last three years. Actually going all the way back to when Barack Obama took office. Putin held Obama in very low regard and viewed him with disdain.

Is there a ‘deep state’? Yes, there certainly has been some coordination in their efforts by the Democrats and their allies within government to destroy Trump’s presidency. Particularly their allies in the news media.

But what we have also seen are examples of career elitists who just don’t like Trump’s way of doing business, his personality, or his politics. They may not be aligned with any particular political party, they’re just used to doing things the same way they’ve been doing it for decades. It’s how they continue to justify their own job and protect their own egos, as they sit together sipping on their Latte’s or glasses of Champagne while they discuss lofty thoughts and curry favor at embassy cocktail parties.

Finally, do we impeach a president for doing something that at the least needed to be done (looking into possible corruption, even if it involves a political opponent), and that had also been common practice in our politics since forever? Again, I think not.

If our elected officials don’t like what’s been done in politics then change it, starting with themselves and starting from right now. They need to put this charade behind us and clean up all of our politics and government as we move forward.  

Term limits would help. Yes we would lose some good public servants. But they would have time to groom someone who can step into their shoes and carry on. Yes the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world can do the same by lining up their children to ‘inherit’ their office, but at least new blood and limitations to seniority and political power would help keep them under some control.

The bottom line is that President Trump has accomplished a great deal on behalf of this country. He’s not in this for personal gain, he’s trying to do what he believes is best for America.

Could he have accomplished even more were he not having to fight for his political life every single day of his presidency? No doubt. Would his personality and need to defend himself through tweets be different if he wasn’t having to fight against attacks by political enemies AND the news media every single day, all the way back to the day he walked down the escalator? More than likely.

Which by itself would remove at least one of the things that his enemies hate him for, which is his tweeting. Democrats and the news media have helped create that which they despise so much.

What has this impeachment inquiry shown us? They’ve shown us that President Trump is right, our politics and our government need a cleansing. We have to get rid of these career politicians and elites who serve themselves and each other more than we the people.

How many people have we heard from during this inquiry who flaunt their PHD’s and their decades of experience, while understanding little of life in the real world? Far too many. Advanced degrees and decades of doing things the same way do not always equate to knowledge or success. Common sense and integrity are far more important than what academic and government elites may have to offer.

We have to take our country back, starting at the grassroots level of local and state offices. That’s how the leftists took control, and now we have to take it back. Our government careerists need to be reminded who they work for, and who establishes the policies that they are tasked with carrying out. And our politicians need to also be reminded who they work for. We the people.

If we don’t, our country is doomed.

Image: AP