No one could have predicted the state of events which has taken the best economy in America in over 50 years and brought it to its knees. In a short window of time, it was the tale of two Americas. A prosperous and energetic, envy of the world America, just a mere six months ago. And now, it is an America fighting to reopen the nation and to regain that American Spirit of ingenuity once again.

For 244 years, America has led the world to freedom, including religious freedom. Yet, we are now seeing governors and mayors who are stealing those freedoms and America’s light to the world has grown dimmer to many who watch from abroad. The protests across America are not simply a cry for freedom; they are also a cry for America to return to the days as a shining light, a beacon of hope⏤not only a symbol of freedom, but the example of freedom.

It’s interesting how history often repeats itself, even though the circumstances may be different, the struggle and the spirit remain the same.

Against insurmountable odds, the colonists in the towns of Lexington and Concord Massachusetts began one of the most one-sided battles in history. The year was 1775, and the American war of Independence had begun. The result, as we know was the overthrow of British rule in the colonies and the establishment of the United States of America. This was the beginning of what is often referred to as “The American Spirit.” Ultimately, this American spirit was born from the belief in God Almighty and the struggle for freedom. Even though the American colonists thought of themselves as citizens of Great Britain and subjects of King George III, there was a level of tyranny from the British Empire which became too much to bear. 

Today, we are seeing tyranny playing out in many states across our country. Primarily, states who are ruled by a Democrat Governor, are using the coronavirus as a false narrative to restrict many freedoms which Americans are accustomed to. Some are even part of our Constitution, such as freedom of religion.

Hence, we have armed protesters pushing back against local governments, demanding restrictions be removed. In many states, tyranny prevails.

Through the 1800’s, and now removed from British rule, these new Americans began moving west across the heartland of America. They overcame challenges that you and I could never imagine. The only mode of transportation back then was by horse pulled wagons. Therefore, the time it took, and the hardships endured were monumental. Freezing cold temperatures and snow for months at a time took many lives as these brave Americans pushed onward to find new land and new discoveries. Not to mention the native Indians, who did not appreciate this white man entering their land, and many were killed along the way. This new American spirit, a spirit which would overcome monumental odds was becoming ingrained as these brave families traveled across the country. 

One of the next hardships for our country was the upcoming Civil War in 1861. That war preserved the union and banned slavery, and the spirit of America grew even more. Then came the Great Depression in 1929, lasting almost a decade. What also occurred during this time is what was known as the Dust Bowl. The Dust Bowl was both a man-made and natural disaster. Beginning with World War I, American wheat harvests flowed like gold as demand boomed. Record wheat prices and promises by land developers that “rain follows the plow”, farmers powered by new gasoline tractors over-plowed and over-grazed the southern Plains. When the drought and Great Depression hit in the early 1930s, the wheat market collapsed. Once the oceans of wheat, which replaced the sea of prairie grass that anchored the topsoil into place, dried up, the land was defenseless against the winds that buffeted the planes.

The hardships of these people during nearly 10 years was unimaginable. The dust storms that turned daylight to darkness were apocalyptic. There were seemingly biblical plagues of jackrabbits and grasshoppers descending on the planes and destroyed whatever meager crops could grow. Thick clouds of grasshoppers as large as 23,000 insects per acre swept over farms and consumed everything in their wakes. A massive dust storm 2 miles high traveled 2000 miles before hitting the East Coast on May 11, 1934. Dust storms crackled with powerful static electricity, and the airborne dust consisted of blue flames leaping from barbed wire fences. Those who inhaled the airborne prairie dust suffered coughing spasms, shortness of breath, asthma, bronchitis and influenza.

It killed thousands and was particularly lethal for infants and children and the elderly, much like today’s Covid-19. Again, our great American spirit prevailed.

Somehow these courageous souls overcame incredible odds of survival. Most stayed and continued new and learned ways of farming their lands and feeding the rest of America. Most, if not all, of these people were Christians and their faith was also part of their American spirit to survive and never to give up.

Shortly after this, America was pulled into World War II. Hitler’s war machine was in full swing and our allies across the Atlantic were desperate for assistance. What did we do? We reconfigured our factories across the country and began building and manufacturing everything we needed to stop socialism and fascism from taking over Europe and possibly the world. We deployed hundreds of thousands of young soldiers halfway around the globe to save humanity from the same thing that is knocking on our door again today. Only this time, we don’t need to travel anywhere. Our ferocious and determined American spirit prevailed across the world then and freedom was saved in 1945.

Socialism and fascism are gradually taking a foothold right here in America in 2020.

Although there have been many other instances since then of our American spirit overcoming great obstacles, the obstacle in front of us today is going to test our spirit more than anything since World War II. We are at a crossroad in America today, a crossroad which is going to test the American spirit once again.

Are we strong enough?
Are we smart enough?
Are we patriotic enough?

Will the strength of our spirit be enough this time to not succumb to the temptation of big government?

Yes, history repeats itself. That’s why I can assure you, through God’s will, our American spirit will prevail once again, that’s what we do best. Thank the good Lord that we elected a president who represents WE THE PEOPLE. A president who has that American spirit embedded in his DNA.

President Trump has awakened the American spirit once again.

Image: AP
Sources: History Channel