“All hands on deck! Prepare to repel borders!” Well, that’s the rallying cry at our southern U.S. border as our valiant Border patrol and military assemble for the first invasion of our country since we took on the British in the War of 1812. We won that war, but what about THIS invasion? Remains to been seen.

DrRon and Linda discuss the illegal alien invasion of the U.S. and how to tell “asylum seekers,” from illegal alien criminals. Next, they take on the Democrat politicians, bubble heads from the Hollyweird entertainment industry and the fake news media pundits fighting to get their 15 seconds of fame bashing POTUS Trump and our Border Patrol for protecting us. How about a “GNN – Government News Network?” Well, that’s being proposed by POTUS Trump to compete against CNN and the MSN. Waddu think? Finally, Linda tells us all about those last minute shopping gifts for the person who has everything. Join the crazy couple from Texas on this episode of “Talking While Married.

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DrRon and Linda Martinelli are a unique and vibrant married couple who reside in the Hill Country of the Great State of Texas. DrRon is a nationally renowned forensic expert and a retired detective. Linda is a well-regarded professional business woman. Both are successful business entrepreneurs with companies in both Texas and California. Linda owns Proforma Graphic Printsource in California and DrRon owns Martinelli & Associates, Justice & Forensic Consultants, Inc. in Texas. Both own ETCforensic, an on-line forensic education, training and certification company in Texas as well as firearms training companies in CA and TX. Both are also Certified Life Coaches. DrRon and Linda describe themselves as Common Sense Conservatives who travel internationally for business and pleasure and love travel and dining out. They are ranchers who genetically breed and compete in bucking bull competitions nationally with the Professional Bullriders Association.

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