Women, as if possessed by a demonic spirit, arrogantly and pridefully, defended their right to kill a child in the womb. No thought of the baby or their hubris of certainty. The Abortion People chanted their endless chants: My Body, My Choice, which after the 10,000th time, it sounded more like My Body, My Murder.

Terry was in front of the Supreme Court on the day predatory Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) threatened violence against Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch. As if the oral arguments being heard in the Supreme Court were about criminalizing abortion once again.

One member of The Abortion People wore a pair of alligator earrings. Inside the mouth of the alligator was a baby being eaten. Incredible. 

Terry witnessed the duping of American women by the likes of NARAL, Planned Parenthood, and the rest of the abortion lobby – a mob of angry, hurt, defensive women who try desperately to convince themselves that they made the “right” decision (1,2,3,4,or 5 times) to kill their child and wrap that decision under the banner of “women’s reproductive right”. It is so far from that.

As evidence, they were opposed to the mandatory hospital admitting privileges mandated by Louisiana law for abortionists. Bottom line – if a Louisiana doctor is going to perform an abortion and the woman has complications, he can’t just put her in an ambulance and say good riddance. The abortionist must be affiliated with a hospital within 30 miles of the abortuary when the surgery occurred. This way there would be continuity of care which IS in the best interest of the woman.  

Is this law needed? You bet. Every year, women are admitted to the ER after a botched LEGAL abortion.Uteruses are lacerated. Intestines punctured. Blood infections, etc.

Sadly, the pro-aborts fight even common sense laws.  

They don’t care about “women’s healthcare”. They just care about the right to kill a child and there’s always a politician who benefits from the duping of American women. This time is was Chucky.

Predatory Senator Chuck Schumer should be removed from office and never allowed near the Supreme Court again. He should stop preying on women and inciting them to anger, just to get their vote, and he should be severely penalized for threatening the justices.  Image: AP

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