We may like to think that the people in our lives are well-adjusted, happy, healthy minded individuals, we sometimes realize that it just isn’t so. This is a powerful story of one man and his quest for COMMITMENT from the one person he truly loved. Problem is the other person is married. Further the other person was seeing a third person. Things get somewhat complicated as he finds himself in and out, and out and in again and again. In fact we would call this a TOXIC relationship. Sure – but doesn’t LOVE conquer all?

Life is too short to spend your time dealing with toxicity. Today’s show will provide knowledge and education on the worst of the toxic personalities out there and how to spot them; and the most common tactics they employ to gain attention for themselves.

HAVE YOU ENCOUNTERED TOXIC PERSONALITIES? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? Ask not WHY – ASK WHAT? WHAT! DrBev, what do these personalities have in common?

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