June 21, 2021

June 21, 2021

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Political Theatre Washington DC Style

by | Jan 24, 2021 |

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The buildup of National Guard troops in Washington DC, along with the lockdown of the capital city for the Biden inauguration, was both unprecedented and historical in nature. Leaving many to question the ‘peaceful transfer of power‘ and the weaponization of America’s strength and military. The event was for the political elite and not for the many millions of Americans who lay claim to ‘the peoples’ house. The story got even more bizarre when our troops were relegated to hang and sleep in the parking garage. Several governors have ordered their troops home. Governor Ron DeSantis ordered the Florida National Guard to return and said that the assignment was a “half-cocked mission at this point.” He added, “that the National Guardsmen were not there as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s servants, referring to the 600 Texas National Guards.” 

Del Wilber is a former CIA and Department of Defense Intelligence and Counterterrorism Officer. Del’s new book: In the Shadow of the Swords: The Baghdad Police Academy.

Vaccine Safety and Unreported Deaths | Like all new drugs, the vaccines that have been authorized to protect against Covid-19 come with some safety concerns, side effects, and even death. However, there appear to be no media reporting on the number of deaths from the Covid Vaccine, yet the CDC reports 133 deaths. How typical or unusual is that death count with a new vaccine? Is the vaccine for everyone? WHO Changes Covid Death Reporting | The World Health Organization releases new guidelines ratcheting up big time the diagnostic criteria for COVID-19. A single positive PCR test will no longer be sufficient and counted as Covid. The manner in how Covid deaths and those afflicted with the virus have been counted has come under great scrutiny. Even more puzzling, or not, is that these changes come to the light of day just hours after the Biden inauguration.

Dr. Lee specializes in Preventive Medicine.

Viewpoint This Sunday reports on the stories with the goal of offering a unique perspective that challenges conventional thinking. Welcome to the Premier News Magazine as we celebrate our 4 Year Anniversary here at America Out Loud. Join We The People and fight back against fake news. Rate the show, leave a quick review, and subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here. Your voice for the fight forward – Malcolm.

The Biden Administration Disbands the 1776 Commission on teaching American history | President Trump established the 1776 Commission in September as a response to The New York Times’ “1619 Project.” Why do Democrats oppose “patriotic education?” Why the reluctance to teach American history in our schools? And why is this initiative so offensive to Democrats and Joe Biden⏤so much, that they felt the need to disband the organization and committee within hours of taking office on day one?

Dr. Carol Swain is Vice-Chair of the 1776 Commission. She is an award-winning political scientist, a former political science professor, and a professor of law at Vanderbilt University. Download the 1776 Commission Report here.

Politically Incorrect: The Censoring of Conservative MessagingGoolag: The cover image on this episode is the terrific work of Political Cartoonist A.F. Branco. Fact is, when our network put out a social media post with the illustration and the message below, it was removed and classified as bullying and harassment from Linkedin. Big Tech is working overtime to censor any dissenting voices that do not meet their narrative. 

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Tech Giants all said that they screwed up after the 2016 election of Donald Trump and that they would never make that mistake again. And nobody did a thing in this country! Fast forward to 2021, and folks are aghast that Big Tech can take the President down and anyone else they disagree with. They told us what they would do – and they’re doing it…!

A.F. (Tony) Branco: Nationally syndicated Political Cartoonist, Visit his site http://ComicallyIncorrect.com. Tony’s newest book: Keep America Laughing at the Left: The Comically Incorrect Cartoons of A. F. Branco.

With Viewpoint now sponsored by Shop to the Right, a growing national organization that is networking freedom-loving Americans with freedom-loving providers of goods and services, the role of America Out Loud is poised to help point the way to the causes, issues, and messages that can begin to represent a comeback for the founding principles and MAGA agenda that still has solutions and a founding but, for the first time in four years, no federal governmental power.

Join us for Hour 2 with a new episode of Viewpoint Presents with Malcolm and Michael JohnsThe Swamp Endures – A saddening reality is now clear: the swamp has not been drained at all. The swamp has outlived Trump’s once-promising presidency and even blossomed. Over seventy million American supporters of Trump’s Make America Great Again (MAGA) agenda now retreat, with disorganization, shock, and uncertainty, to plan their next move. With all of the executive and legislative branches now in the hands of very progressive Democrats, Malcolm and Michael say the time has come for new national leadership in the conservative movement and Republican Party that can embrace and carry on the fight.

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Malcolm is the publisher of America Out Loud, host of ‘The Voice of a Nation’ and ‘Viewpoint This Sunday.’ He is the founder of America Out Loud Talk Radio and America Out Loud Podcast Network. Malcolm is a Speaker, Author & Founder of Brink Thinking. His previous career as the ‘big idea catalyst’ in marketing and creative director of television and radio advertising spanned over two decades.

Malcolm launched America Out Loud in April 2016 after an extensive career in broadcasting and business marketing. He has been a daily voice on the America Out Loud Talk Radio airwaves bringing some of the world's leading newsmakers and informed discussions on the issues confronting our world and nation. For over five years, Malcolm has been a driving force behind America Out Loud's growth, including bringing some of the most insightful programming and online journalism available today. America Out Loud provides an outlet for a vast and growing audience looking for news and analysis without the usual liberal media spin.

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