Skilled politicians can propagandize people to accept their own slavery, and even demand more. Hitler did it with apparent ease. Unorganized push back is ineffective and if dangerous to the state and the state feels threatened, it will turn tyrannical to save itself. Keep your guns.

The unpleasantness now growing on the streets of Paris, reflect a tax push back by a once moribund French population for whom any more compliance has hit a wall. They have just about had all the socialist crap they can take. French President Macron’s casual increase in fuel taxes, in support of fighting global warming, blew up in his face and he’s now backed down. The riots on the streets of Paris are predictable precursors to the unloading of a whole host of other grievances against European socialist engineering that has seduced the people to accept a ideology foreign to their human nature, their culture and their best interests. Global socialism is starting to unravel. Even in their anger, the French rioters are calling out “Trump, Trump, Trump.” Well?

The toad, Macron is part of the New World Order crowd that demands Eastern European countries, who are adamantly refusing to participate, accept their fair share of Islamic migrants for the good of European economic production. The Europeans have been propagandized into accepting these hostile foreign workers because of the low birthrates in host countries. That problem, like here in America, is caused by the enacted Socialists schemes for selected population control through infanticide (abortion), doctor assisted suicides and, for the elderly, denial of medical services after a certain age.

People understand that when those Islamic rascals move into their host countries they immediately set about demanding, by threats and violence, that host governments accept their demands for Shariah Laws. They create “no go zones” and also expect the passive acceptance of the islamization of that country by demanding hate crime laws to punish infidels who refuse to comply with their submission to Islamic enslavement. Make no mistake, Islam is not your friend.

Statistics now show that most of these people don’t work but live off the social welfare programs of the host country, paid for by the taxpayers, while they engage in the Islamic subversion of the host populations. I think the French people have about had all they can stand of that too. 

It’s working like that in America too. Consider those millennial age students who are turning toward Democrat socialism espoused by the likes of Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren among others. Sanders and Warren are from the old school of American socialists that practiced subversion by stealth, through the implementation of “Common Core” educational programs, the seating of Jurists who are willing to impose feel good laws that are unconstitutional, and through the wholesale attempts to impose government mandated healthcare. 

To prevent the citizens from noticing what the “elites” are doing, it’s necessary for them to distract us with nonsense. The Leftist propaganda machine, the Mainstream Media, is in business to do just that. Fretting over natural occurrences and trifles while the Deep State continues its negative narrative to implicate President Trump in wrong doing while exculpating the real source of evil, Hillary Clinton and her cabal of potential codefendants. 

Americans who see this, instinctively understand that if this phony Mueller Investigation works to remove President Trump from office upon a manufactured pretense, but fails to pursue the Clintons/Obama crime syndicate, then the danger exists that the American people just might take a note from the brave French standing up to the EU’s Socialist machine that is killing them, and do the same. That’s why they want our guns.

I have very little faith in our political party’s or their politicians, except for the President, to do the right thing. Americans, enough of them to make Donald Trump the President, will absolutely not countenance his removal by the “Deep State” criminals trying to protect themselves by removing him.

Here, the law of unintended consequences of their legislations will be noticeable. To make a law that’s is contrary to the best interests of America, then make another law to repair the damage, is to create the impression they are doing something worthy. This too will not go unnoticed anymore. 

The world, especially Europe and the United States, are on the cusp of the greatest effort by the New World Order crowd of international bankers and political leaders, to steal our liberties and our production for no good purpose at all save to satisfy a “elites” desire to hold power over all. 

Apart from their open borders initiatives that expects all countries (especially America) to accept the entry of any and all immigrants without exception, their next step will be the coming economic crisis for which Trump will be blamed. 

To fix that ‘false flag’ crisis they will encourage the acceptance of their phony “crypto currency” that, once accepted, will become the valueless currency of the New World Order. We will soon become a cashless society and when that happens, our enslavement will be complete. Think about that! It could be just around the corner. 

Remember, Liberty is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!