Watching President Trump deliver his first the State of the Union address left me with mixed feelings of pride and despair. While what our non-politician President has been able to accomplish this past year under the greatest of adversities filled me with pride; the disgusting behavior I witnessed demonstrated by the Democrats in the chamber during President Trump’s speech left me in despair.

I apologize, but I must confide to you that I hold no optimism that our divided nation will become united again anytime soon. The Democrats proved that to me and millions of other loyal Americans that night.

When I see Democrats like their so-called leadership team of Schumer, Pelosi, Feinstein; and the membership of the Congressional Black Caucus refusing to stand when our President asked all Americans to honor our flag and national anthem; when he asked members to stand to honor the victims of illegal immigration crimes; and mentioned that black unemployment is now the lowest it has ever been in our nation’s history; then we are in deep trouble.

These politicians represent us, the citizens of the United States. We voted for them and entrusted them with the power to legislate positive changes for our lives. Improving our national security, our military, our education system, our immigration system, heath services and our national infrastructure are many of the reasons they are allowed to collect a paycheck and live in The People’s Capitol.

I fear that after witnessing the abhorrent behavior of Democrats the other night, many of our liberal politicians have forsaken us in favor of political posturing. The country and our American citizens be damned. Videos of the floor of the House showed Democrats inattentively reading their Blackberry’s, talking amongst themselves and sitting on the rear ends in disrespect to our President as he outlined the positive steps that have been taken to improve the lot of all Americans this past year. Even when a couple of Democrats tried to stand up to applaud things that as a people we should all be honoring; the obvious pressure of their colleagues caused them to quickly sit back down. It was a scene that was disgraceful and cowardly.

That the Democrats and a few swamp rat Republicans hate and despise our President is painfully obvious. They selfishly place politics over people. They are the out of touch Ruling Elite who are completely disengaged from the environments and daily lives of the majority of hard-working every-day Americans. Americans who simply want to succeed, take care of their families, prosper and enjoy a piece of the promised American Dream.

Who shouldn’t applaud when impoverished Black Americans move forward towards financial independence through gainful employment? Well, apparently not members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Blacks should be asking themselves why that is.

When uber-wealthy Democrats like Nancy Pelosi (net worth $29.5 Million) tell the American public that the $1,000 – $3,000 bonuses they will receive from this year’s President Trump-inspired tax reductions are “crumbs,” they underscore the out of touch hypocrisy of the Left.

When newbie Democrat politicians like Joe Kennedy, Jr., who live in wealthy residential compounds surrounded by twenty-foot concrete walls, tell Americans that his generation of Americans will tear down the walls that our generation builds to keep illegal alien criminals like murderous MS-13 gang members and drug smugglers out of the U.S.; his generation should question both his ethics and intelligence. They will be the ones who will have to fight to protect this nation once my generation is gone.

You have to ask yourself, would you rather have a naïve Joe Kennedy, or a Donald Trump as your President? Would you rather have a Chuck Schumer or a Nancy Pelosi protecting your six; or a General John Kelly, or a General John Mattis? If you are a recently employed Black American, can you name one single member of the Congressional Black Caucus who helped to get you employed this past year? I sure can’t, but I sure know a President who did.

Call me a pessimist, but I see nothing on the political horizon that causes me to believe that the people of our nation will become unified in the foreseeable future. The Democrats and their PAC minions like the Resist Movement; or former President Obama’s leftist Organizing for Action group; and the shadowy, secretive Deep State just won’t let that happen. They are all against the American people. They are for gaining more political power and against enabling and empowering us, the people.

No, the unification of our nation and its people is nothing more than an idealistic pipe dream. President Trump, in concert with supportive moderate and conservative Americans and perhaps disenchanted former Democrats and Independents will have to forge a new coalition to move this nation forward as a people. A people who care more about the future of this nation than a sole political party. That’s a huge paradigm shift for the partisan beltway crowd to accept and they probably won’t, so it’s up to us.

We need people who want a return of the Rule of Law and not a cabal of shadowy Deep State assets from the 7th Floor of the FBI building and the intelligence community who seek to undermine this nation for political gain. We need Americans who care about the future of America and other Americans; not the power-grabbers. We need a coalition of ethical, hard-working and caring citizens who want to see all Americans move forward as a people together. From that mindset will eventually come our unification and our salvation as a people.

Everyone is gearing up for the 2018 election cycle, so you have time to figure out where you stand and who you stand with. Make no mistake; we are in a conflict that is larger than President Trump; or the Republican or Democratic parties. This is a fight over the very sole of our nation; its values; it’s people and our future. It will only be won by the voting force of a people who have finally had enough of partisan political rhetoric spouted from the mouths of do-nothing, elitist, self-serving politicians. So, dedicate yourself to a greater good; for a better nation; for a better society free from the bondage of power-hungry political parties. Do it for your family; your loved ones; and your friends. Do it in respect and honor for all those Americans who have fought and died to protect the freedoms that some politicians want to take from us.

Join with those whom you see demonstrate positive actions instead of words. Who seek to move us all forward as a nation and as a people. Ignore the emotional rhetoric of the left and its hypocrites who have done nothing but disempower you. We must be heard, and we must win in 2018 and beyond. Make America Great Again!