Too much political capital is spent on destroying each other, than on shit that really matters. Let’s just put that right out there! How prepared are we for the next national emergency? Asteroid – Earthquakes – Terror Attack – Electrical Grid – Water Supply – Food Chain – Cyber Attacks, and countless other tragedies that could make this pandemic seem like a cakewalk.

The natural tendencies of politicians is to destroy your opponent, and pandemic or no pandemic⏤so called political leaders ace this rule every time. Makes you wonder, what would it take to truly united the forces as one? As Americans? As human beings in the fight of their lives? 

Our adversaries are taking inventory right this very moment on America’s weaknesses and on America’s response to this crisis. “I can assure you that extremist groups have their ‘scientists’ hard at work looking for a way to replicate an even more lethal virus or other form of bacteriological weapon, as well as a targeted delivery system aimed right at the U.S. and the West,” says Del Wilber, Counterterrorism Analyst, Former CIA.

Malcolm exposes the ‘Blame Trump’ games that continue on in the face of a worldwide pandemic. What is the endgame here? What does the aftermath look like? And finally can Americans unite and take on the enemy at hand?

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