Political Correctness is a Direct Threat to US National Security

After eight years of force-fed PC being inculcated into a generation of entitlements and tolerance, we are now experiencing a backlash to these dangerous and ill-thought policies. As much as the Progressive “Open Borders” policy has poisoned Western Europe and the US, we are now seeing the moves to mitigate and counter these damaging and irreversible policies. From the UK’s Brexit from the EU to the election of Donald Trump in the US, we are now seeing a reversal of immigration policies and public sentiment in Scandinavia and western Europe with recent terror related and anti-social behavior currently manifesting itself throughout western Europe and the UK.

Colonel Jamie Williamson talks with former CIA officer and recognized National Security expert Del Wilber to discuss the detrimental effects of PC, self-radicalization of the homegrown Jihadi, and how to mitigate potential threats through simple planning, precautions and “SA” or Situational Awareness.

For Further Insight:
Video: RUN HIDE FIGHT Surviving an Active Shooter Video

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