In an instant, relatively speaking, the whole world has been thrown into an unnecessary panic because the Peoples Republic of China wants to control the entire world. They set about doing it long ago, at least since the collapse of the Soviet Union but by a fluke, a clumsy lab tech let the cat out of the bag by allowing their scheme to spiral dangerously into public view. 

The Chinese think ahead a hundred years and nothing escapes their scrutiny. Not one facet of non Chinese society, no economic status of future partners or potential enemies, no foreign war fighting capability or scientific discovery goes unexamined. How have they achieved this near master/servant status?

By years of infiltrating foreign universities, scientific laboratories, foreign think tanks, foreign financial institutions; by ingratiating themselves into foreign societies as really nice people who are sincere in their willingness to be helpful, all the while acting as agents of the Chinese State to steal, copy and reproduce every aspect of the host country’s research and development programs they can worm their way into and get their hands on. Chinese students do not enroll in American liberal arts or social behavior programs.

This China created world pandemic crisis should focus our attention like a laser on the need for immediate remedial action to correct our subservient economic position to the world’s cheapest supplier of medicines, toys and toilet paper. Americans aren’t told that China’s industrial production accounts for 94% of all our Pharmaceuticals. Why? How did that come to be? Why should it be? It makes us their servants. China uses slave labor to produce stuff cheaply and Americans have grown accustomed to buying cheap stuff. We’re in a panic without it! 

Americans are also unaware that some of our military weapons systems come from China! What Judas approved that scheme? Imagine the immediate regret that will come when our fighter jets fall out of the skies, our missiles detonate early or go off course and electronic communications stop because of the Chinese controlled technology we bought, should we actually become engage in armed conflict with them. I shudder at the thought!

We should view the China Virus pandemic, shocking as it is, as a God sent wake up call. Americans must be alarmed! 

Americans must commit to refuse purchasing anything made in China. China seized the advantage of making cheap stuff, but we are still their main consumers and if we stop buying their crap, they will start hurting too. We’re in a war, and China started it!

We should use this pandemic event as a national catalyst to force the return of production back to America. China is dependent on selling to our markets. Our dependency on China is a stark realization of the danger because it is rapidly sucking out our life blood and vitality making us weaker. Beyond question, it is time to readjust our priorities, reject the elitist whores that have sold us down the economic river for their profits and restore American manufacturing to its once prominent position of producing quality products that even the Chinese may need. We should emulate the advice found in scripture: “Throw out the money changers”… and bring back the patriots that made this country the greatest one on earth. 

The one thing that still stymies us is the yoke of Political Correctness that Democrats hung over our shoulders. The media still smarts at Trump’s rebuke of their notion that calling the Coronavirus the China virus, was racist. The media recoils at the thought that Trump may be the only one that can turn this China crisis into a mighty victory for America for decades to come. Let’s hope he survives to lead us.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, Americans, close your wallets, buy American and go get ’em!