Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D.

Being a police officer has always been a dangerous, stressful and rewarding job. Historically, for a number of reasons, many law enforcement officers have been reluctant to talk about the psychological toll being exposed to repeated trauma and dangers can take – and even more reluctant to get professional help. Fortunately, this is changing. On today’s Thread of Evidence, Dr. Joni Johnston interviews police psychologist Dr. Ellen Kirschman, who has spent over 25 years helping the men and women in blue understand and cope with normal reactions to life threatening situations, minimize the impact of their unique job demands on their families, and, when needed, get professional help before untreated psychological problems end a career or a life.     

Ellen Kirschman, Ph.D. is a police psychologist and volunteer clinician at the First Responders Support Network. She is a member of the International Association of Chiefs of Police, The Society for the Study of Police and Criminal Psychology, The American Psychological Association and the International Association of Women in Law Enforcement.

Website: www.ellenkirschman.com

Image: AP

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